1. Or maybe even the most awkward sign of subservience, unless one can challenge my claim..

  2. Well maybe because Halaena is crying lol…but yes she does love that plain featured son….on the inside…..deep deep deep inside

  3. Theres has literally been no protests. Nobody gives a shit about him but 13 yo incels.

  4. This actually make a lot of sense. Making the audience believe its just a kidnapping sounds incredible

  5. Just want to say that auditions often use scenes that either don’t end up on the show or are different from how they are in the show. The former surely won’t be the case but the latter is possible.

  6. I think this is most likely an audition for Cheese, but I think it's worth considering the possibility that this is an audition for a man helping Ser Arryk Cargyll infiltrate Dragonstone

  7. Nah def Cheese. “Im the blade youre the fucking map” “kidnap the prince”

  8. Welp this was the last pointless post for me. See yall next season. ✌️

  9. Just in case you assume it’s for Helaena’s children, it could literally be for any of the kids including possible Viserys(2 years old) and Aegon(4 years old) recastings. It’s even possible that they want a pair of twins for Jaehaera or Jaehaerys each. They usually cast twins to play a single small child, especially if it’s a toddler or a baby. It’s to get around child labor laws which have very tight restrictions on how long a child can film. Twins allow them to double that time. They can also switch them out if one of them gets fussy/annoyed.

  10. Hmm… I wonder what this could be for… maybe a lil B&C

  11. They aren’t in prison uniforms? In Romania do they get to bring clothes with them?

  12. Theyre not in prison yet. Its more of a detention centre in Bucharest were people are kept before their trials

  13. The real actors hair must have been short at time of filming. Hopefully they keep the long hair he has now.

  14. Fr lmao. Maybe a ship will bring some of his belongings if not then he'll be dressed as a stark.

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