1. Lol I mean I think Angel is short enough/ the same length so no I don’t really 😂

  2. Sometimes I do call her Angelica lol especially when she’s being a diva or being especially cute 😂

  3. The "I want pets and cuddles right now and you must stop everything you are doing immediately and comply with my wishes. NOW."

  4. But then as soon as you comply (or after 30 seconds) she goes full bear trap and claws are out?

  5. That's not tortie specific behavior....

  6. I read ordinary men a few years back. Most of these people come from morally capable backgrounds. But likely found ways to mentally gymnastic their way until somehow being morally justified with what they were doing. Be it either hatred for these people, just following orders or otherwise. I remember reading how alot of the guards that had to execute children often pictured themselves as saviors to them as their family was already slain and they had a terrible orphaned future ahead of them. Killing them was mercy in their eyes. Its a very twisted way to rational you killing children and throwing them into a pile of dead bodies. Reminds me of mass shooters killing their family first before a mass shooting so the family does not have to deal with their spree. Its a very dark and twisted mindset.

  7. It’s called cognitive dissonance. Good manipulators know how to use this to their advantage had Hitler was no exception. These people weren’t monsters they were normal people. The terrifying thing about this isn’t that they enjoyed days off like normal people but rather that they were normal people and when people are put in these types of situations they do things they never would have thought they would do. We saw this about 10 or so years ago actually at a string of fast food restaurants who were receiving calls from “corporate” or a “higher up” and making disgusting demands over the phone. Despite not being able to see the caller or verify who they were in one specific McDonald’s case the manager got the call. The caller started with small demands and threats that seemed harmless to begin with but the more the manager complied the more the caller was able to get her to agree to including calling one of her female employees (I believe she was a teenager) into the office, telling her to undress and leaving her husband (the managers) to watch her and make sure she didn’t leave. The caller then manipulated the husband into touching this girl. It’s the same thing that leads people to continue to back a politician they’ve rooted for even after they make a terrible decision. Exactly what happened with the nazis.

  8. Lmfao… 34 degrees. Try being up here in MN

  9. Oh my god! Those cheeks!!! Mine doesn’t knock over the tree, she just eats the artificial snow off of it… since I’m not sure what chemicals are in that the tree is now out of commission unfortunately.

  10. Thank you! I have her on prescription food and she eats it just fine I was just mostly concerned with as far as food having to work around 2 very different diets with her but I see thankfully that shouldn’t be an issue.

  11. My cat was diagnosed with hyperthyroid and she had a transdermal ear paste I would rub on the inside of her ear. This condition is super manageable. She couldn’t keep the pills down - she was the 1% that gets stomach upset from them. She had the methimazole ear paste for 6 years before she developed kidney disease. She didn’t tolerate the sub-q fluids at home so had to let her go when things got bad. She lived to be 16 - I miss her terribly!

  12. Thank you for the information. I am so sorry for your loss, I’m sure she was the goodest girl ever and she’s getting lots of treats in kitty heaven.

  13. Imagining all the cat drama and tourtitude you deal with on the daily lol I have my hands full enough with just my one 😂

  14. I am actually very surprised at how a little drama I have with them! Luna's biggest 'thing' is crying and pawing until I follow her to the food bowl and pet her while she eats. Suki's biggest thing is making biscuits on my face and neck in the middle of the night and then laying on my head 😂 together they just play-fight and run around together and lay on the cat tree

  15. Thanks so much for all this info. He is unfortunately only 8 years old. He was diagnosed at around 6. We are trying our best to keep him around as long as possible, while also keeping him comfortable and happy, of course.

  16. I would talk to your vet about this first. Some diets are carefully formatted and adding extra protein can make things worse sometimes. Your vet will definitely know best when it comes to the specifics of your cat and his food. Personally my vet told me no on extra protein when I asked.

  17. It’s really scary and overwhelming to begin with. I sobbed uncontrollably when my girl was diagnosed and the initial few months were a bit rocky adjusting her to the new food and a new regiment but after a while things start to become routine and it gets easier. Also stage 2 is a good place to be, you probably caught it before it progressed much. Kidney disease isn’t the end all either, my cat was diagnosed in stage 3 but she’s been stable in stage 2 for the past few visits. It sucks but it’s not an exact death sentence like it feels at first diagnosis. Just go with the flow, it will get easier, and when it doesn’t or things get a little confusing you have a great support here and with your vet to help you through this.

  18. You'd be surprised by how rapidly some bacterial infections can progress.

  19. Your vagina and all that’s included is a muscle, which means it can be over worked. When you work out for the first time in a while your muscles are typically sore right? Same deal with your vagina after sex for the first time in a while . It happens to be from time to time and i just drink water and try to lay low to not aggravate it!

  20. Would that extend to all the areas in my lower abdomen and lower back? I’ve also had lengthy dry spells in the past and this has never happened…does it happen every time with you in situations like that? I slept with the hot pad on last night and I’m feeling a lot better today, still a little sore though. At least I can walk and stand up again lol

  21. So sorry you’re experiencing this. Is it possible you maybe weren’t lubricated as much a you normally would have been? I know for myself even a small change can make a difference.

  22. No, I don’t think it was that and I’ve had sex with less and it’s never effected me this way… it’s a lot better now but still sore

  23. Oh my what a handsome boy! I’m glad he’s doing alright now and that he’s got his weenie toy to keep him company through his recovery.

  24. My cat had a serious kidney event a few years ago and was diagnosed with kidney disease. Ended up at a major emergency vet hospital had surgery, blood transfusion, has since gone back every three months and been checked over and overseen by internal medicine vets. She’s stayed steady at stage 2 the whole time. Theyve never said anything about keeping her from getting vaccines, she’s always gotten them at our normal vet and has always been just fine afterwards.

  25. Thank you. I wouldn’t usually be against it, but doing anything outside her routine since her diagnosis has me worried.

  26. Thank you. I wouldn’t usually be against it, but doing anything outside her routine since her diagnosis has me worried

  27. I would def bring her in to be seen by the vet! Even though in June they said they’d see you for a recheck in December, you can and should always go in earlier if anything changes. These behavioral changes woild be enough for me to bring her in if you’re able to!

  28. Alright thank you, I’ll call today and see if I can get her in soon. I can’t stand seeing her like this. She just cries all day and I have zero idea of how to help her.

  29. I hope this is what really happened. Why is it being filmed. Whole situation is odd

  30. He may have been trying to film her as happy as she was and then when it went south didn’t stop. As I fortunate as it is that it happened interfering could have cause more trauma for both kids and by recording it this dad now has proof of the type of woman she is and could easily win full custody in court. I think he did the right thing. Granted I didn’t watch the full video and I have no way of knowing his motive but 🤷🏼‍♀️

  31. My doctor assured me for weeks before I got it that most patients have no issues (I had the Kyleena). Within 4 days of mine being inserted I was in the ER with debilitating pain, cramping, and bleeding. I developed cysts and the IUD was moving inside me. It took over a year and switching my DR 3 times for someone to remove it. Never had a problem since. I don’t recommend getting it again especially if you had problems the first time.

  32. Yeah, she thinks that the problem I had were due to my uterus being retroverted and thus not inserted correctly. I’ve thought about the depo shot but I’ve seen a bunch of scary reviews and side effects (not that I haven’t for IUDs either but…) so I don’t know that that’s the route for me. I also have a hard time with my schedule making time for appointments so it’s likely that I’d be late with shots.

  33. I have a small uterus and it tilts backwards and the IUD caused sooo many problems. I was scared for the depo shot due to some friends gaining a ton of weight, or bleeding for months. I am not able to have any birth control with estrogen in it so my options are limited. I’ve had the depo since last March. I spotted for a few days right after but have had no issues. I don’t really get my period (but I do get PMS symptoms) and once in a while I’ll spot for a day or say. The great thing about the depo is if you do it and don’t like it you never have to get the shot again, it lasts for about 3 months.

  34. Hmm, thanks for sharing I honestly didn’t even think of problems that might occur due to it being retroverted. Thank you for sharing your experience, I’ve heard nothing but bad reviews about the depo shot so it’s nice to hear some positive about it lol. How consistently do you get your period with it if you don’t mind my asking?

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