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  1. exotic90210 i can drop link if you need it. good gas good people's ngl to no man. smoking on some zoap from bro as we speak🫣

  2. Head over to Russia and join Wagner. They pay 10k a month for foreign mercs.

  3. Looking like a bunch of 80s Dads going out for a family gathering.

  4. There are US flag plate wraps. Pretty much for this use case.

  5. Where are all these holland pics surfacing? The Historical chronicles account on ig used to be a great place for CAG photos but looks like it was deleted. Keep them coming!

  6. Is Cole the only person whos ever called the point man “Red”?

  7. I didnt ask why he got the name, i asked if Cole gave him that name

  8. Bruh the artist can shoot music videos anywhere💀 you acting like cartels are going to get mad cause you shot a music video about them

  9. Everyone had helmet cams it’s locked away footage tho it was clear as day the government knows exactly who did it

  10. Definitely not early 2000s. CAG guys are wearing AOR1 and Multicam Crye, respectfully. Also look at the plate carrier as well. This is certainly late 2000s.

  11. Hate to judge a guy who gave his life for duty but nobody accidentally puts on a shirt like that.

  12. The guy on the left is not an operator; he's a TACP and he fucking sucked which is why our team fired him.

  13. Haha yeah! SOFREP Just had Mike Vining on recently. Sent them an email to see if they could find more information about this guy, said they would get back as soon as they find something.

  14. I don't understand how this boof can get uploaded but my legit stuff won't uploaded lol tf

  15. I don’t think Navy EOD is under Naval Special Warfare Command like SEALs and SWCC. Navy EOD guys attached to Devgru go thru a support side selection I believe.

  16. No they just go straight through green time like dev because their pipeline is very similar to seals

  17. Think there is another photo of them post op with the DevGru guy with the blacked out face is holding a seized ak and everyone is smoking cigs.

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