1. I didn’t know monks were so lazy.

  2. https://external-preview.redd.it/QRL72TJ_ZuWLtsdZoDNGXHE2vOD_kdPwZtztiBwj8dk.jpg?auto=webp&s=0725aefb41c7499b38dcd7e7c8a949d1c261f639

  3. https://media.tenor.com/3LAwI-zJdfUAAAAC/the-simpsons-ketchup.gif

  4. He’s probably going to fix the air duct while he’s up there.

  5. Is that the one that ate my burrito? Son of a…

  6. You can get interns to do anything.

  7. Wow. Good thing we stayed out of that civil war.

  8. This video is not going to help things.

  9. Good luck explaining this to the wife.

  10. Clearly people don’t know my method.

  11. That’s more affective than throwing a shoe.

  12. That’s still more than the Vatican.

  13. The parents of those girls failed.

  14. I struggle to understand how people cannot see that racism towards Black people for 400 years has not had an effect on this country.

  15. They must be on their lunch break from their 12 hour a day job.

  16. “Life should not be a journey to the grave, with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly, proclaiming “wow! What a ride!”

  17. I had a girlfriend like that. She caused a scene in a public place. We both knew she cross the line. The power shifted. I tolerated her for about another month. Then I moved on and she was a mess. Ran into her 2 years later. She apologized and told me that me dumping her was the best thing that happened to her.

  18. It’s not the plasma ball, it’s a poltergeist. Get out!

  19. We actually play pickle ball and like to garden. You?

  20. You are doing “cleavage” right.

  21. Those things can jump 20 feet. The way that mountain lion was covering 6 feet on its hind legs without standing upright was amazing.

  22. That happened to me once, but I was in San Francisco…and it was a homeless guy and not a mountain lion.

  23. The movie Idiocracy comes to mind.

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