1. Go ahead and try Hooligan. Assassin has DMHA in it and Yohimbine.

  2. Hey mike what size should I get in the tees if I’m 1.85m and 95kg?

  3. City is arguably the best team in Europe, up there with PSG and RM. This result is not surprising.

  4. PSG have no competition in Ligue 1. They always look good in that farmer’s league. Once the KO rounds start they always crumble.

  5. The natty achievable posts are moronic. Everyone is different and everyone has different body structures and DNA. 99% of fitness influencers are not natural and why would they? They have a image to portray and they want to make money on social media. Everyone who gets posted with the “is this natty achievable” is always some kind of fitness influencer. No it’s not natty achievable if the person isn’t natural, and your favorite fitness influencer isn’t natural.

  6. I have retails. GL. They look identical from these pics.

  7. Just imagine how much sellers are making and the big bosses at the factories, and agents. Stop pocket watching bro. He’s probably renting it anyways. Everyone is just there to make money.

  8. You tryna die huh 😭 I wouldn’t suggest that. Try a pump formula.

  9. Having compassion for other living things, caring about the environment and the crazy carbon output from factory farms (especially red meat), etc. There's a lot of reasons. I'm not vegan btw, but I respect them and there's really no arguing with their philosophy.

  10. Bruh it’s literally a huge flaw that almost everyone will notice

  11. You must be a little 14 year old kid and that’s ok. I’ve been getting reps since 2013-2014 and they were worse back then but still solid, never got called out.

  12. Everyone talkin about the bench / mile and not how fiscally irresponsible it is to let half a mil sit in a savings account

  13. That is not her insta. That person has a baby. Idk why she has that but there is no way she is just “nicole”

  14. I agree plus the real Nicole is married to Instagram co founder, so I highly doubt she’s on tinder saying this nonsense. Definitely a troll account.

  15. They are good, haven't ordered anything from them, but they are recognized as a reputable vendor. I usually use saf but want to try amino assylum next.

  16. How about joining a gym that's priced for adults?

  17. these kids are using their parents credit cards to pay for a membership lol.

  18. I was at a library and this dude was being a stereotypical douche to this young librarian, calling her “sweetie” and a bunch of other terms and she kept telling him to stop but he wouldn’t, and you could tell she was very much uncomfortable. I was behind the guy (from afar) and signed to see if she was ok (I wasn’t gonna confront him I was just gonna get security or something) and then I sat down. Then the guy a few minutes later walked up to the table I was at talking about “I see everything” and made a gun gesture towards me. Of course my dumbass caught him outside and talked shit (in my car of course) but I won’t be doing that again lol

  19. Bro your SHBG is tanked and so is your estrogen. Since RAD doesn’t convert to estrogens your natural test levels are going down as well. You need to take a test base to have ample estrogen.

  20. Nah Messi’s peak is still untouched imo. 91 goals in a year is just unfathomable, especially when you compare it the other all time great offensive players ever. R9 was the greatest for me till Messi came along.

  21. Messi doesn’t have the physicality or work rate as CR7 in his prime. Wtf are you on about lol. Cr7 in prime did everything Messi did but better. Messi doesn’t even press at PSG. Messi scored 91 goals in a system that was made for him. Ronaldo would’ve 100 in that system. Lots of Messi’s 91 goals were tap ins. Messi wasn’t even taking many free kicks as he does now because Xavi was Barca’s main free kicker taker. Of course he had world class goals as well.

  22. Madrid played counter attacking football with Mourinho and always had different systems and different managers. Ronaldo only had 4 less goals than Messi in La Liga that season.

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