1. Your just going to get shit on by people who have been non stop playing the last 15 years for not being META and dungeons taking slightly longer with you. I wouldn't recommend.

  2. Just don't join a group of people who are chasing the meta. There's plenty of guilds out there that don't care about any of this stuff and the content is easy enough that literally anyone can clear it.

  3. The problem is that som1 failed (in the eyes of blizz). But the season didn't fail, it was just badly timed and launched when BC was at it's peak so people had to decide som1 or BC patch.

  4. I'm in a weird boat where I made some era characters because I want to play that version again, but I'm having trouble committing to them. If a fresh server or new season drops in a month I don't want to have spent a bunch of hours leveling up in era.

  5. Journals > Jetina > Preorder for both flames > TET Distos / Vell / Artifacts/ Pen boots > Fallen god helm and chest > Pen Accessories / Pen BS

  6. I came back to the game when they launched fresh servers. Within 2-3 weeks I capped all my gathering, refining, engineering, furnishing, cooking. I made 500k gold with cooking and selling legendary tools / bows. I farmed all my major trophies that I needed and have all the clothes for every single tradeskill I use. I crafted my bis bow and have near bis gear, farmed up to 625gs.

  7. I'll bite cause I'm bored at work and actually played more than 3 MMOs.

  8. I agree with most but FF14 for graphics? Really? The game is objectively terrible in the graphics department. If you disagree, you're wrong.

  9. I slapped "Basic attacks have % increased attack speed" on a weapon and the spirit generation is vastly better now. gives like 55%+ attack speed. Still not great but it's a helpful tip.

  10. https://lothrik.github.io/diablo4-build-calc/

  11. So its not 99% main stat, there are "big nodes" with stat pathing in between. You can also socket things in to them, which have radiuses that affect the nodes covered.

  12. Well, there's 1 legendary slot per board and they're pretty similar to the affixes on legendaries, "Your earth skills deal more damage to enemies affected by CC", "Storm skills deal % extra crit dmg against vulnerable enemies". These are all straight damage increases and not anything that actually changes your skill in any meaningful way.

  13. Most skills in D3 ARE unusable if you’re not using the correct rune, to be fair.

  14. The vast majority of the skill enabling legendaries don't come from dungeons though.. they come from dropped legendaries. For example, I've been trying to gamble / farm for the Tornado aspect since Friday with no luck. And this skill is borderline unusable without Stormchaser's.

  15. Barb was always the strongest Mfer both in non expansion and expansion.

  16. How do people know what’s in the paragon system? Super-secret beta?

  17. It's widely available online if you search.

  18. Maybe the game just has flaws that people wanna see fixed and it has nothing to do with Blizzard hate?

  19. There's multiple big problems with the game but the dungeons are 100% the biggest. There's absolutely no doubt that these objectives need to be revised or completely removed. I'll suck up the shitty itemization, shitty talent tree, and shitty paragon board, but no one will play this game if the entire end game content is soul tearing.

  20. He is right. And if you're holding onto the Paragon board as a last saving grace, take a look:

  21. Ill wait for the full release thank you. I just dont get how can people assume such things and speculate wheneber its à Beta and thé release is in 3 months. Just wait and see guys.

  22. I assume you're just trolling at this point.

  23. If you think fetching 3 keys in 3 random corners of EVERY single dungeon is "fun"..then I don't even know what to say man.

  24. I can easily imagine how the Paragon board and the gear could affect the simple skill set we got. Will they do it right, or at all? This is truly my only concern.

  25. Theres already paragon board calculators online. They're about as interesting as the mods on legendaries (not very).

  26. To further elaborate on his post..the reason you stop at 1472.5 is because argos no longer drops anything post 1475 and his blood is a big source of leapstones...dont hone u till you have about 2000 leap stones to push straight through to 1490.

  27. The reality is minimum Ilvl doesn't cut it. You need to be 30 ilvls above the minimum to get considered for most groups, lvl 5 gems (at the minimum) and a 4x3 (at the minimum). This is why most people just end up buying buses so that they can keep progressing and not get gate kept in the future. It's shit but that's the reality of the game currently.

  28. Everything is time gated in this game. Honing materials, gold, relic gear mats from legion raids, even "side" content like Una task reputations and most collectibles are all time gated. This means that if you take a break or stop being efficient for a certain period of time, you're behind for that period of that. If you quit for 6 months then return, you're 6 months behind. There's nothing you can really do as a player to close the gap outside of swiping (this is by design). If I play a game like BDO and I'm making 6B a day while the average person makes 1-2B, I can quit for 6 months and catch up relatively quickly in my progression.

  29. There is no actual queue. It's effectively an error 37. Theyre trying to fix it.

  30. Just do 2x epic class engravings and you can easily get a 4x3+1 (adrenaline is usually an efficient lvl 1) for like 300g per accessory. You need legendary engravings and a good stone to hit a 5x3 and you're nowhere near the point where you actually need 5x3. Probably better off putting that 500k gold into your actual roster.

  31. I think ultimately the main issue is that this new "seasonal" model doesn't actually bring anything meaningful to the game. You could just replace the word "Seasonal" with "We're releasing a patch every 3 months" (which they're already kinda doing) and nothing would've been different. It's just a buzz word and all we're getting is cosmetics and boosts in a reward track that could've just been added to the game through content.

  32. Your main goal should be to hit 1415 so you can buy Relic accessories / ability stone. You can setup an extremely cheap 4x3+1 by running 2x class engraving @ lvl 9.. cut yourself a half decent stone and fill the rest of your engravings through the accessories.

  33. New players will be able to profit a lot from this change wtf are you even on about?

  34. But you can't sell it under 1375... thats the entire point lol.

  35. I'm conflicted.. on the one hand.. my main source of income has gone down the toilet.. on the other hand, bots get fucked and im sitting on 200k redflesh fish.

  36. Pretty interesting how we barely heard any bad news about Tesla in the past but ever since he purchased Twitter it's a constant train of weekly bad Tesla news...

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