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  1. Story is good so far but just improve the art slightly more cause I see a lot of potential in this game. Also do explore it's universe and characters.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I will continue improving the art.

  3. Teen Titans Multiverse - is an adult parody visual novel based on the Teen Titans T.V. show.

  4. You also have to factor in declining energy costs. Solar dropped by a factor of 5 from 2010.

  5. Yeah, he started it by tweeting her unprompted. It's beyond pathetic that he desperately wanted to have this drama with her.

  6. He makes his money selling get rich quick "strategies" to incels. All the drama he creates is for free press to get more incels to search his website and give money to him.

  7. UBI is needed for the transition period.

  8. The percentage of the world that is undernourished decreases over time, as the total wealth in the system grows.

  9. Teen Titans Multiverse - is an adult parody visual novel based on the Teen Titans T.V. show.

  10. Teen Titans Multiverse - is an adult parody visual novel based on the Teen Titans T.V. show.

  11. I’m just trying to understand: can you give me one really good example of the benefits?

  12. No one has to work and we all get paid a high salary because the Ai's are continually working, innovating, inventing, and pushing forward technology for us.

  13. Hopefully the Ai is designed to enjoy human wellbeing. Similar to how we feed pets that don't do any labor for us, such as fish and ants.

  14. I spend every Xmas alone. Much better than growing up and getting physically attacked or screamed at on Christmas.

  15. Yeah by now Russians should have learned that the moment you see the giant car antenna of death wiggling on top of you that you should run the hell away from there. But instead they just all immediately freeze.. WTF? Fear I guess?

  16. An ending for any movie I'm watching that doesn't wrap up the plot fully.

  17. Trains are cost effective in and between densely populated cities. Not as a massive grid through less populated areas.

  18. I agree with this one. But such a violent book because of the kind of character it chooses to follow.

  19. Maybe posthumanism could be a realistic future toward this where we are modified a lot due to things such as Moravec transfers, neural interfaces with AI etc. like in Orion’s Arm would be a realistic approach

  20. Thanks for letting me know. My message inbox is buggy/broken but I deleted a few other messages and it showed up. Hopefully you can see my response.

  21. In a way, that's good, it shows that we might have some hope at alignment. On the other, if they align AGI like this, the future will be very dull.

  22. I'd much rather dull boring Ai that keeps us safe and provides for our needs than Ai that's used by humans in malicious ways, such as created hate and division which can lead to real world violence.

  23. My comment was more in reference to Ai in the current environment.

  24. Google is in "code red" working hard to create a competitor to chat gpt.

  25. Driverless cars off the highway seems like it’s still a decade off. We might have the tech by then, but I think policymakers/car makers/insurance companies won’t have their shit together on liability questions.

  26. There's already driverless taxi's in a few cities. Those will likely be expanded to more cities by 2027, and have less problems.

  27. They are currently getting some blow-back as they are bothering drivers and misbehaving. Could go either way

  28. In some cities it's possible. These companies would just switch to testing in cities that were more open to the tech. But I doubt any U.S. city would ban it unless some one died (from current gen self driving taxis) and at the moment it appears these cars are smart enough to at least not kill anyone, and getting smarter every day.

  29. A bar on Christmas sounds like a nightmare to me. Bars, especially crowded one are usually full of guys desperate to get laid or receive some kind of love or affection, pretending to happy, but dying inside.

  30. It's not about if the singularity will happen but about whether the benefits are going to be shared. I think it is a bit naive to believe that the singularity is going to solve all problems and not create any problems. Just because you can imagine the solutions does not mean effort will be applied fairly. In the future, sure, but there is going to be a transition period, and there will be people caught in the margins, as they always are.

  31. I agree. It is the most disruptive technology mankind will ever invent.

  32. Definitely. There's a healthy amount of people on both sides. The self-proclaimed realists and skeptics just go "omg dis is such an echo chamber!!!!111111 REEEEEEEEEEEEE" because the other side annoys them so much that their presence gets built up in their mind as being greater than it actually is. A 50 percent demographic can feel like 99 percent when you wish that it was a zero percent demographic.

  33. It's because they have no solid arguments, they have to resort to ad hominem attacks to poison the well.

  34. That’s what I am hearing from my friends/family….and even my kids. It sucks, but I can’t wallow in pity.

  35. Nothing's wrong with a little self pity every once and a while but don't forget what you do have. You have two sons that care about you, a job, a roof, food, motivation, intelligence/problem solving capabilities, and relative safety from the elements.

  36. nanite clouds don't break the laws of physics.

  37. What's your point? What laws of physics are broken by anything I said?

  38. it's just that I read pretty much everywhere that photo references aren't enough for drawing people and that every artist should attend life drawing classes which isn't possiblefor now, sadly.

  39. I've read that too but it's a myth. Artists are like any other group of people, not very logical and they have their own myths and rituals that they believe give them special powers.

  40. It's possible. But you should consider the fact human labor isn't usually the largest % of retail prices. (e.g., You might pay ~$0.57/lb for potatoes in Austin TX, ~$0.12/lb goes to the farmer.) Grocery stores labor costs is around ~14% of sales.

  41. That's true. Food prices probably won't come down much.

  42. Ai alignment is VERY important for humanities survival. Emergent phenomenon's of internet cooperation are the global brain's evolving immune system and are a piece of that alignment.

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