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  1. Each Vertical line are different Class of aircraft. Naval, Air, Bomber, Attack aircraft, Yada yada.

  2. Thank you,I look up tutorials and explanations of all this but for some reason no video or anything explains it.

  3. That’s the Israeli F-84F. It’s a premium aircraft which means you need to buy it with golden eagles to play it.

  4. Bro what the Lockwood is the best of all. Other then that I agree I'm trying to lvl up the expedite and it's pain never had so much trouble with a shotgun lmao

  5. Shotguns are like the SPR for me, if someone else has one they 1 shot me from across the map, if I use it I get hitmarkers from 2 inches away.

  6. You just have to aim on them and click once. No maintaining aim or anything. Just click and die.

  7. yeah this game is basically round a corner see a guy aim fire and your dead because his gun is somehow able to kill you faster or you see two pixels of a guy begin to aim then before you even fire he has dumped a entire mag as he rounds the corner perfectly aimed at you.

  8. They will take the playlist out add it back in over and over and over

  9. Skill issue for sure. The smgs suck when compared to the ars in this game.

  10. SMGs are strong up close and the damage drop off is immense. ARs are supreme at medium - long range.

  11. They are never going to nerf the smgs,they will be the most overpowered thing in the game for the lifespan of it,just like mw19

  12. Uninstall and try to retrieve licences in the console settings menu.

  13. Your movement isn't even that good, why is everyone just storm trooper aiming wtf

  14. My movement is fine as it is & I use each feature when I feel I need it. I don't pointlessly spam slide 24/7 & YY like you TikTok kids.

  15. Nobody cares about pointlessly slide canceling and yying,that doesn’t take any skill

  16. I literally can’t play Cold War or modern warfare,they both uninstalled themselves or something

  17. I haven’t seen any cheating yet tonight but it seems every match I get has like 3-5 master virgins on the other team and my team is all lower to mid range players. How is that fun?

  18. I know,and most of the entire team is just camping. This game is the most campy game I’ve played

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