1. so a guy that wants to get buff. can he just put his own c*m up his rear? Or does it need from a more buff man?

  2. The wizard's Butler. Big recommendation

  3. I love the wandering Inn :)

  4. For me ever since Erin started cleaning the inn at a loss of what else she could do

  5. I've not listened to the audiobooks, but the Ordinary Magic series by Devon Monk might work for you; I checked and they are on Audible (I have the ebooks).

  6. Uhhh I love funny titles :D

  7. Heyyy want to try listening to my first book? I'm the narrator! If it's not a feel-good, you'll know exactly who to blame.

  8. Oh what a nice way to phrase that. Mildly Magical. I love that.

  9. Becky chambers’ series that begins with “long way to a small angry planet.” You’re kinda getting a…hmmm…maybe b-roll of firefly? Like, there’s cool interesting characters but nothing much stressful happens and they’re kinda just moving along. I’d say there’s a good bit about understanding differences, whether they be cultural or whatever, so that’s a “point,” but there’s not much conflict or drama.

  10. Oh like so many of us, I always strive for more firefly. Recently started watching reactions ala "first time watching firefly" as I already know it by heart myself :D

  11. Princess Floralinda and the Forty-Flight Tower -Tamsyn Muir

  12. sounds intriging, will check it out. thank you :)

  13. Read mistborn and made it halfway through the second book before stopping. Lost interest.

  14. Happy to hear that. being in the internet sometimes feals like i am the only one not getting on the sanderson train.

  15. Yeah, I get that. Like I said, I think you’ve experienced “peak” Sanderson with the Final Empire, so you aren’t missing some massive uptick in quality later or something. Honestly, being able to DNF whenever you aren’t vibing with something is a great skill, one it took me too long to develop.

  16. I am sure I miss a lot by DNFing so much. But also, it is my free time. And I do not really have a lot of that so. might as well make sure i always enjoy how I spend it. (if possible)

  17. i never said i hated her. i actually think she is the best. thats not what my post was about

  18. No worries I know. But I also get that a lot, so had to address it ;)

  19. Yeah but my post is getting down voted so much haha. Like it goes up for a bit then down to almost zero lol. Liken damn I'm here for a discussion. I just think the world it self counts as a character and with such a large cast of characters I feel like the story becomes less about a person but the world itself.

  20. well... reddit voting ^^°

  21. The House in the cerulean sea I would recommend or Minimum Wage Magic to a certain extend :)

  22. Every single Becky Chambers book is absolutely wonderful. I hope she continues to write forever so I can enjoy her books for the rest of my life. She’s my new favorite author.

  23. To be taught if fortunate by Becky chambers <3

  24. I am not sure toxic is the right word. maybe it is. But I find myself running against very passionate walls a lot because my tastes are weird :'D

  25. Bobiverse. Meaning: We are Legion, We are Bob

  26. Dies The Wizard's Butler count? :) I think that could be for you. Though it is low fantasy

  27. Geneva the dr. Basically the moment she has to send away friends to safe more seriously injured

  28. 'Legends and Lattes' by Travis Baldree is an entertaining easy stand alone read, though pretty slice of life. Maybe that would be for you? :)

  29. Low fantasy: The Wizard's Butler maybe? just finished and loved it :)

  30. I love "the wanderin Inn" though not sure if it is for everyone (i listened to the audioversion and get immersed really good)

  31. why does that fit? oh i hate that it fits so much 🤣🤣🤣

  32. I am enjoying Mark of the fool, book 2 came out on audible a few days ago.

  33. oh, I did not see. thanks :D I liked book 1 well enough, listened to it in december :)

  34. i think i can see that. i never read past the first book though

  35. I love the wandering inn, completionist chronicles and tower of somnus.

  36. Did you every read "The wandering Inn" might not be fitting your crafting request but I thought maybe crafting was appealing for being complex yet calm etc, so I got to the wanderin inn.

  37. if you are "catching" with the intent to hurt, eat, just take a picture with and throw back ect. I better hope no other woman fish would help you.

  38. Hello! You have made the mistake of writing "ect" instead of "etc."

  39. lol. english not first language mine ect.

  40. I am only up to date with the audiobooks and am terribly curious regarding the doctor. Her short appearence was amazing. Also Niers, would love him to meet Erin at some point :)

  41. Completionist Chronicles (+ Wolfman Warlock); The Wanderin Inn; Tower of Somnus; Tallrock (farming ;)); Vaudevillain

  42. Kinda wanna say Vaudevillain. He is a supervillain leading his creations/inventions. However not neccessarily "evil" - his offline persona is not evil and he just likes to play the bad guy for once.

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