1. I’m surprised the gym allowed this? All gyms I know, even bad ones, don’t allow kids on the weight floor/area.

  2. Ex Christian/Mormon here and I cannot stand it when people believe and say “God opens and closes the womb” and I’m like…..what? That’s not how it works and has so many logical fallacies.

  3. I love the song clip she used lol “ It’s me, Hi. I’m the problem it’s me”. Like, Taylor WE know but do YOU know the problem is you?

  4. Everybody handles the challenge of parenthood different and I hope that she thrives. But parenthood is also one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done and if we know anything about Taylor’s work ethic and grit….most likely she will be like Laura lol. But no parent is perfect so I wish her the best in being able to figure out how to best raise the child, even if it means hiring a full time nanny! No shame!

  5. I feel like this validates why I unfollowed Hannah months ago. Although for me there was just something about HB’s content I wasn’t vibing with anymore.

  6. Why did you decide to unfollow her? I have my reasons but I’m curious about others.

  7. Ok I thought this was strange but know nothing about EKfit to know why this is all bad?!? Could someone explain?

  8. I love how the church creates problems and then gives the solution. “You aren’t full of peace, right? Great! We have the solution for you!” Bitch I don’t need anybody’s “higher power”- If any such thing exists I already have access to it within myself.

  9. What is the end game with the temples when they eventually sit empty and dusty? I think the church will exist for a while still…but in the next 10 years I think most temples will just be sitting? Will they sell them off?

  10. Unfortunately with all the new traffic this will give them they still haven’t figured out internal shipping logistics to keep customers. They will likely keep burning themselves over and over again.

  11. Lol go to ANY Asian market if your city has one and you will find these drinks.

  12. Of course it’s good Taylor you’re only eating at higher end dining. I dare you to go to a hole in the wall ethnic restaurant instead every once in a while. THEN it won’t bother me when you say “so good”.

  13. I honestly do not know why they advertise product that hasn’t shipped from overseas yet. Other companies are able to advertise and have their product by launch date. I ALSO do not understand why they can’t wait until Fall to sell these now?? I understand if space is an issue….and obviously money. But your not gonna sell them anyways until then!

  14. I just think why the need to do a strict challenge like this? Like, you aren’t a better person for completing it….you just have the skills and lifestyle and resources to be able to do so. Grit and hard work are important and valuable characteristics to have, but I don’t believe those can only be proved through something like this. I’m someone who could do this and complete it….but I know by the end I wouldn’t necessarily be a better person just someone who can force herself to be so strict for so long.

  15. I live in Denver so I almost want to go if its free to live stream the begging for y’all… but also don’t want to waste a Saturday.

  16. Am I dumb or is anyone else wondering what GMT stands for?!? And why did they include a time zone 6 hours different?

  17. I never followed her but she would randomly come up on my tik tok. I was always infuriated when she called herself a Mormon because she obviously wasn’t super “faithful” (no garments in videos and thirst trapping). I’m out of the church and really don’t care, but don’t call yourself active if you don’t wear your garments! I KNEW there was other stuff going on.

  18. Good thing Sami does things right and her pieces (and prices) will ALWAYS be better than what balance could ever do. This does make me furious though- stealing another companies ideas, matériels, etc.

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