Biden to announce executive action to protect abortion access

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  1. I buy them a few at a time on Amazon. Make sure you always have an extra with you, and your tool.

  2. Tbh I’m still surprised people still smoke cigarettes today.

  3. My cat also has hyperesthesia syndrome, but his treatment is done by floral (I don't know what the name of this essence is, but here they are Bach florals, but they are florals specifically for animals, because has for humans too). This treatment is a more natural way, because the product is just flower essences used for something specific, my Petito uses the stress treatment. He accept the floral very well.

  4. hey not sure if you still see this but i’m dealing with my cat having Hyperesthesia Syndrome can you PM me i have questions on how you deal with him so i can help my boy

  5. Yep, my show in Huntington got cancelled about an hour before I hit the road too. Unpacking my bag was a bummer.

  6. i wish i knew i drove from cleveland to flint michigan for the show rescheduled after i got there the 3 and half hour drive back sucked

  7. first off i called the vet and waiting for a response i just need some advice while i wait

  8. I would think that those might be more prone to clog than normal given that some of the liquid has bound to have been evaporated. The remaining liquid should be thicker than it once was, therefore its more difficult to get into the coil and more prone to clogging. I'm sure you will be ripped though!

  9. Its extracted from the flower while the plant is still alive, from my understanding. More flavor , and stronger effect.

  10. Also no taxes with medical card so it'll come in handy even after recreational dispensarys are open. Better selection of weed and lab tested so you know your getting weed that's safe to smoke

  11. I would certainly recommend double checking your technique with the grill cheese cooking situation, but im also sure the ventilation needs work as well.

  12. my ventilation is so bad i read some of the other comments my microwave just vents it back in to the room blowing straight in to fire alarm

  13. sports games are also hard because a new one comes out every year and has the updated rosters

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