1. they're aviators, and if im correct, they were pretty trendy in the 60-70s. they've never really gone out of style, though.

  2. I think you misunderstood. I want it to be less like congress and more responsive.

  3. And you think less representation will make it more responsive?

  4. Not having to talk to two people (a rep and a senator) to get one thing done would be better.

  5. I stepped on a pin once. I’m cringing just thinking about it

  6. I had a glove needle break off in my foot when I was 8. I've since stepped on pins and needles. I've also stepped on a disposable razor. If you ever lose a needle in a haystack, call me.

  7. You want to give me this hat. You want to give me this hat. You want to give me this hat.

  8. Not even that. It's not safe being homeless. You get police fucking with you other homeless folks, random people that can commit violence against homeless people because who cares. Now try to find a place to rest. Throw in weather conditions, any regular illness like having a cold it drives you insane. Libraries helped me stay sane by having books and letting me use a computer to find work.

  9. At my libraries, you can watch anything you want, except porn, on the computers. Not sure if any other websites are banned.

  10. Skip Cancun. It was a tiny little farming village until rich Americans decided it should be a tourist spot (trap). For the times you are visiting Mexico Cancun is full of 18-25-year-old college students trying to get the drunkest.

  11. No pattern, just kinda eyeballed it. Not sure if I'll go back and fix the first "G", or leave it as thematically appropriate.

  12. She is not allowed to keep her gifts to pay for a party. That is not how that goes because those gifts were not given to her mother. they were given to her child. Basically, you guys took gifts away from a child, regardless of how dumb your niece is.

  13. Sister should keep the gifts for when she asks to occasionally babysit her grandbaby.

  14. This is a beautiful piece (and heirloom!), and I think many cross stitchers could reasonably have this question. I vote that the post stays. 🥰 I'm literally a mod and don't understand what makes something tent stitch cross stitch and what makes it needlepoint instead soooooo 🤷

  15. Cross-stitch is embroidery but embroidery is not cross-stitch. The piece (self-created) I'm working on started as a cross-stitch. Then I added a bunch of satin stitches and the piece became embroidery. As soon as I get some size 10 or 11 beads, I'll be able to finish.

  16. I believe needlecraft/needle arts would be the umbrella term for needlepoint, cross stitch and embroidery, with needlepoint being a specific craft!

  17. My aunt claims her cat is claustrophobic but I’ve never heard of that

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