1. This is an excellent, well researched comment. Much better than your other one.

  2. Sorry, reddit double posts comments sometimes, nothing you can really do about it and no way to tell if you have. I have deleted this duplicate.

  3. Cybermen. Daleks. Doctor Who does this kind of sci-fi biopunk stuff a lot.

  4. Also for a more "open up a robot and see biological matter", see the toklofane, as you dont often get to see the doctor open a cyberman or dalek.

  5. Someone needs to make a version of quasi-connectivity.com for the thaumcraft flux rift.

  6. Milton Jones is a genuinely kind and nice person in interviews, and also funny as all hell.

  7. The clacks from my mechanical keyboard are a vital part of my workflow

  8. I first saw it on twitter early in the morning, and had to double check it was real and not something I dreamed. Grizz really just duct taped 9 bamboozlers together and called it a weapon lol.

  9. Calling Vampire Weekend a "One Direction knock off" has physically aged me 20 years.

  10. I think the show creator later said he regretted doing the episode, and "updated" the subject in his new show, The Good Doctor

  11. Yeah, it still sucks that it happened though. But I havent heard of the new show, is it any good? And what is the ace rep like, if it has any?

  12. Fair warning, a lot of people with autism think the depictikn of it in the show is a fucking joke. It‘s still terrible in a lot of aspects so watch it with a critical mind

  13. Pre patched player launcher + elytra club. I love crashimg the server by going so fast I load too many chunks.

  14. Out of like all of them? Cos mob is like 100% autistic bro.

  15. He took down the British prime Minister once by whispering the words "doesn't she look tired?" to a random security guard at the scene of a crime.

  16. I am pedantic as fuck, and the actual words are "dont you think she looks tired". Sorry.

  17. It seems like the only thing these ace subs do is kinkshame allos for consentual sexual activity. Some of you could do with learning about kink and fetishes, even if you never intend to participate. Yes there are people turned on by food, and eating it off their partners body. And even if you find that weird, you have no right to shame them for it.

  18. I dont think it is available to the public yet, but it exists.

  19. Not for a while, as it is still very much in beta. And when it does become available, it will likely need a dedicated server to run. I would recommend following PointCrow on various social media to keep up to date with it.

  20. Transphobic “I identify as…” bullshit

  21. Specifically posting examples of and making fun of it. I feel like that is an important distinction to make.

  22. Okay this is absolutely not semantics, this is 100% the very core of the issue itself. You say that you want equal treatment, but that's clearly not true because equal treatment is what we already have. What you actually want is for people to be equally happy with the treatment they receive, which is very different. You're the one trying to derail the main point here but your gaslighting won't work on me.

  23. Equal treatment is everyone being able to be legally recognised as their identified gender. Aka, everyone being treated equally. You clearly arent going to change your mind, as I have made this point at least 3 other times. Go be transphobic somewhere else, dude.

  24. Equal treatment is also the government referring to everyone by their sex at birth. Clearly you're just going to keep spouting your opinion as fact and refusing to accept any points that don't align with what you want to believe.

  25. And slightly racist too, judging by a few comments. Damn, you really going for the full house of bigotry, arent you?

  26. Nope. Verlisify is a disgusting furry who should be left to rot in prison

  27. Tbh, he puts a bad name on the furry community. Most of us are quite nice, he is just an annoying outlier.

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