1. The phrase "I don't care if he did _______" is a way to spread shit about someone. That is you're framing it as if it's a bad thing and then saying "but we shouldn't care".

  2. I think you're reading into it waaaayy too much. My point is RC will always be a hero for what he's done (and continues to do) for Gamestop as chairman.

  3. Not really. It's exactly the type of shit marketing agencies use to manipulate ideas into fruition. You can't just make a post that blatantly says things. You have to chip away at the central idea using multiple accounts and different phrasing, but essentially targeting that "he's a good guy" and that has to start somewhere.

  4. If y'all feel this strongly about it, I'll delete. No ill intent was meant by the title. I'm not a marketing agency, just a person who likes to make hype vids for fun. Probably not anymore tho, don't need the heartburn.

  5. My favorite part is that they all have a different excuse, and they're all full of shite

  6. Seemed fitting since the first Chronology video was DragonForce - Through the Fire and Flames

  7. I did the first Chronology video at the beginning of the year for the 1 year mark. This one picks up where that one left off.

  8. I fucked up and should have used maple leafs to be more believable. It hit me a soon as I posted..


  10. Funny you should ask, I think I'm gonna make a purple circle version. Stay tuned

  11. Hahahhahahahh you’re killing it! Balls I wish I had awards - I’ll hit you up Friday when my free one drops! Really good work! Choo choo hype train more like a bullet train! I tip my hat to you good sir - like a meme hype Tarantino series … impressive

  12. Hehe, thanks! I made nine until I noticed there's a 7 post limit per day, so the last two vids never posted.

  13. Anyone got the link to the original video that’s at the beginning of this one… I remember that one when it came out pumped me up so much!!

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