1. I think it's just because undying was the first time we got the new seasonal model so it felt fresh, but yeah it legit only had vex offensive and that was it.

  2. by playing other champions / watching videos of gameplay of those champions, you should be able to recognise abilities, common combos, trading patterns, potential openings, etc

  3. Dd works against magic damage as well now, to avoid burst.

  4. Yeah I remember randomly reading the passive and I thought I was crazy when it didn't indicate that it works on ad damage only. Legit thought I was having a Mandela effect lol.

  5. Some people are just more sensitive to certain types of noise than others. It really boils down to that.

  6. I think I probably permanently damaged my ear by practicing the guitar in my bedroom with not so low volumes..

  7. The only one I actually use is probably nautilus, and that's just for railjack missions. I'd use a wyrm prime for eidolons but im too lazy to grind relics for plat rn. But other than these 2 niche cases, it's smeeta kat or bust.

  8. I prefer it to chrome and its derivatives

  9. Bro, chrome just straight up looks like ass. I don't know how most people use it regularly.

  10. Me getting shafted to div bitch when my sniper rifle doesn't have triple shit and firing ass:

  11. Are you trying to tell me you don’t want to spend a month grinding pissborder weapons so you can to 0.0000002746637461% more dps

  12. I feel like I'm being forced to become a yone main since everyone is banning yasuo in pisslow for some reason.

  13. The age of apes is gone, and I hope it will never come back

  14. I wish for more mid range fights. You're just throwing if you don't put ntte on when eternity is the map.

  15. the chance of getting to 90 pulls would just be winning the lottery so this won't help.. at all.

  16. todd was fat as fuck and that was all I can think of for half of the movie.

  17. I bought nightbringer yas for like 4$ on my server. They do be trying to rake in the money before New Years.

  18. Man went into the school himself fending off other kids from the juicebox like "NO this is for BROCK"

  19. Tell him to suck it up, within a week it will feel fine to have his hands on Q W E (R if you're a weirdo who uses your pinky) and it will be much better

  20. I don’t he too. It takes a while to get used to it but it’s worth it. It just takes some time and practice to get used too. Changing it is a terrible idea.

  21. I even have a widly different mouse sens for league, you'll get used to it. The "having consistent settings between games" is kinda an excuse not to learn new controls imo.

  22. I saw a jinx ult connecting after the drake died and we somehow stole it lol, this game is wild.

  23. Im an FPS main so I dont like the g502, that being said dont feel peer pressured into buying new mice, if you really like the g502 you should look into maybe the new razer basilisk or a new g502x.

  24. Yes, it's pretty dumb. If you like g502 shape, there's no reason to upgrade except maybe they released a better, more refined version or there's another mouse which has a similar shape.

  25. Why is the footage so fucking saturated when I see these kinds of edit.

  26. Anyone with a brain knows flamed maple makes your pickups hotter it's basic science

  27. Wait yall dont press a nado q e combo to get kills?

  28. No, we land the nado but fail to eqr which leads to wasting the knock up and us getting killed.

  29. Completing Mountaintop quest in lobbies full of mountaintops

  30. I didn't even finish it, got like a 3rd way through and said to myself "This is fucking bullshit for a dumb grenade launcher." and I just went back to using militia's birthright.

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