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  1. Was dope. Played the Shrek movie on beat saber, blade and sorcery was fun, did some euro truck simulator. I like drifting the most post trip lol.

  2. Old school grey market packaging. I remember using these back in 2018. SmartBud cans where popular

  3. Wish You luck. I make chocolates all the time. Ust to use the Mr. Galaxy packaging.

  4. Anyone can buy anything on the internet. Crazy to me how willing people are to eat mystery chocolate

  5. Yeah that’s why I said I ust to use packaging to, obviously the Internet is a easy place to get packaging I have now made my own packaging lol. to some ppl it’s not mysterious. Also mushrooms are so cheap Cost me 6.80 somthing per chocolate to make and they would sell for 40-50 a bar at the time. Most the cost was the chocolate lol

  6. Iv only order off their website, every person that orders it from Amazon or third party has problems, empty tanks, no nozzle, getting sick. Iv been ordering from then for months and I blow threw about 2 cases a month. Neve been sick or anything.

  7. Iv never had a cross tolerance issue. Iv taken mushrooms and lsd within the same week and micro dosed on the weekend. still felt eveything and the mushrooms where hitting really hard for only taking about 2g lol.

  8. “Don’t judge a book by its cover” so many times has the cover been right though.

  9. Reminds me of the time I dropped a tin foil with a 5 strip at 711 while taking my wallet out. I would think someone swept it up.

  10. Cheap and great for “smoke out ur friend weed” every time the homies come over bust out like 6 pre rolls, always mixed with hash ha

  11. East coast, always getting my self some bubble hash. Been smoking hash since 2014 but was mostly scissor hash at the time ha.

  12. I just finished a grain transfer of chitwan a hour ago lol. 1 colonized quart jar transfered out to 12 quart jars lol

  13. Yeah i get around this by throwing a tiny bit of verm in there. If u see the full colonized jar on the left has the small brown spots makes it easy to shake in a tapered jar.

  14. I will continue to say soccer due to the response of salt I get. Kinda like how British ppl have fucked teeth.

  15. China do just be slapping shit together. Can’t believe what they did to that honey bucket lmfao.

  16. Quick tip don’t heat/point the torch at the rig or rig joint. Boro/cheaper glass don’t like heat. Always heat away from the rig, like a knife cut away from what u want to keep ha.🙏happy smoking.

  17. Iv taken 5g of albino B+ and had a great trip. 3 days later I dropped 2 hits and still had strong visuals. You should be good.

  18. I pack it to the top and smoke it very soon after. Fold is only for the travel.

  19. Mine always travel, I will use my pipe at home. Joints r for the road

  20. I love to bring my glass with me to lakes, woods anywhere. Take pictures of em. The artist get nice shots they can promote their glass with. Mikewillis glass used some of my photos.

  21. It’s a sculpture. Kinda like Matt Gondek or Jason Freeny. They are great for reselling. I had a Kikkosket Uzi but sold it while ago. They are def hype. Get one, sit on it for a bit then resell, trade for some new collections. How I got my original Spencer man piece.

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