1. my favorite fact is Guillermo was turning 40 in the ep when Stassi & Katie did the burlesque dance for him..... WILD the cast is now at or approaching 40 themselves.

  2. Ngl, I thought of everyone BUT Superman 🤣🤣🤣😭 I’m more of a marvel girl.

  3. I can't imagine that she and her team aren't trying to figure this out ATM.

  4. it's SO hard to pick! i agree w ur top 3 but i'm sentimental about FM bc it was the only season i watched w my little sis

  5. i was excited for this season until everything w Raquel and her "storyline" .... its giving try hard and its so easy to see thru...

  6. I saw there is a new podcast from betches coming in December called Crown Jewels - all about the royals!

  7. Betches does their podcasts right. They have one for every niche! I feel like they wanted TNN to be like Betches but all their pods seem like the same content, different hosts

  8. Rachel updated yesterday that she is super sick so I don't know if there will be an episode today, she sounded terrible & hope she's feeling better soon!

  9. We don’t have an hour to record an episode but here’s all the shit you can buy from us. Thaaanks.

  10. Also I want to add, that them going for about how it’s like paradigm shifting that LC went on that podcast now that they are with DM but being radio silent on the Kardashian sisters going on NSBNF before they were with DM is so fucking telling

  11. i got some yesterday too! one of my favorites. woodward has been my favorite for some time now and glad they are still consistent!

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