My orgasms for the month of January [OC]

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  1. OP really wants that karma, at the expense of the dignity of others.

  2. Is this the lightbulb sign I’ve been hearing so much about?

  3. Back in my day there were no training modes for anything and if you died you lost all your stuff in two minutes. Bossing is supposed to be risky, which is why it’s profitable.

  4. What am I supposed to be seeing that’s trippy? Moving upwards? I just see a regular toll plaza and a road.

  5. The road rises and falls above and below the apex, being the straight tollbooth line horizontally across the screen

  6. We just had a good chuckle on shift at this… don’t think I’ve seen higher than like 240 SBP

  7. I just found this sub to ask how in the hell LP won. I thought she was for sure third place. What an unexpected and odd conclusion.

  8. Literally only exist because corporate medicine wants cheap alternative to a physician, then complains when they get paid less than a physician. M8.

  9. Being at Disneyland does not qualify you as a “Disney adult,” please don’t tarnish our name. 🙃

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