Player nicknames if they kick another player in the groin next season

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  1. If I can stress 1 thing to you the most, stay as positive as you can be and don't look at the negatives as much. There's always a positive when there's a negative because if good things constantly happened there would be no such thing as bad and vice versa. Also there's a good chance your neurologist will be able to figure out whats best for you medication wise. Just look forward to the future, this is just a hiccup in life and to not let it alter whatever you want to do.

  2. you're right, I still love you. I'm more of a Role Model fan, but I Still Don't Give a Fuck

  3. If you could guarantee me CMC stays healthy, CMC for sure is the better RB in PPR. But with all the risk associated with CMC, I’d take JT if given the option.

  4. lol this is exactly how i feel. i dont want to get to the playoffs with my best player out for the season.

  5. I have always been a big Javale Mcgee fan since hes come out. I still think hes had a good career, especially after winning gold

  6. I thought you meant he came out as gay lol

  7. Imagine Shaq saying "Lonzo just kicked his balls and Im not talking about his brothers."

  8. i could see a lot of people getting slapped in the face by your dongs

  9. I really want to be a doctor if I can get mine under control… Trying to finish my undergrad premed degree. Real nervous i might have to give that up.

  10. we're in the same boat my epileptic friend. I wanted to be a neurologist but cant get my epilepsy under control despite surgery. I hope the best for you though <3

  11. I bought 1000 shares while they were still under a dollar a share and then every time it dips I just throw a couple extra hundred at it. I’m very confident in it as well! Being a Canadian I can only hope my good buds to the south get it together and federally legalize cannabis

  12. no you give up 2 good players and really only recieve hopkins in return

  13. Is this a screenshot of a screenshot?

  14. if you can try the firelands scientific. I just got some and was very pleased with what I got

  15. I bought some last month and it was 90% small buds. I was very satisfied.

  16. Definitely not a dispensary but I wanna say they carry Cbd/Delta 8 products

  17. thank you. I saw they had an oz for 130 and I immediately got scared off lol

  18. this makes me feel like we would be used how rick uses morty in "Rick and Morty" when Mortys brain waves disguises Ricks genius waves. We would all be glued on the outside of tanks so they cant see read the non epileptic minds

  19. You just took my mind to a very, very dark place. I thank you for the amusement and I curse you for the thoughts!

  20. hahahaha im sorry just a joke but hey all the best writing comes from the darkest of places. Also if this happened imagine how much we'd get BEGGED to join the army/military after they've shunned us for so long

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