1. Literally one of the top 5 best fight scenes in all of the MCU and easily the best MCU movie or show of phase 4

  2. Totally agree with your ideas. The one spot per shovel dig especially, is frustrating.

  3. I didn’t care for the other movies. Sorry, but people can have opinions different from yours bud.

  4. Then you missed something, go back and check around. 😉

  5. Sadly, no. Once they're gone, they're gone.

  6. How are you running out of room? I have SO much open space in my valley still. Do you move/remove rocks and trees?

  7. Well I don’t like to have homes crammed together I’d like to have them spread out so that’s what I was meaning. We’re getting four new characters that’s already for homes that have to be added to the 21 we already have

  8. They're not supposed to. (But honestly, some people seem to say they do... Others not. ? )

  9. Why are you letting people who aren’t playing YOUR game affect your enjoyment of the game. That is a YOU thing and you should probably work on that. Yes there’s dedicated servers that are more helpful for people complaining cause people bringing up problems makes the game better. Just because you are having a smooth time doesn’t mean someone else isn’t, that is their fault, or that they should just DEAL. Devs also look at these pages and as long as it’s not something the player is causing a deb could see it and he’ll out it into a patch.

  10. Perfect phrasing. Don’t gate-keep peoples concerns. Exactly this. I left the official discord for DLV because any time people would bring up a concern, the majority would jump all over that person for doing so.

  11. Bunch a fucking jackals downvoting all those who push back on those getting their feelings hurt about complaints.

  12. It’s strange that you are on a box office subreddit asking this. Obviously, people enjoy it.

  13. I just want to understand. Like, I like when movies do well, but I want to know what information is gleaned from that biggliness

  14. For me, I enjoy seeing movies I like do well, because then they have a much better chance of getting a sequel. I follow box office for that and also I enjoy tracking numbers as others do.

  15. I love the variety of episodes this season and how they are all so different. Amazing season

  16. I’m fine with them being used when it actually adds something to the trailer.

  17. Not hiphop/rap but Goodbye Yellow Brick Road in Quantumania’s trailer worked really well.

  18. Women get much cooler clothes than us guys do in game. I constantly get womens clothes in scrooges. Chuckle. Can’t wait to, hopefully, be able to trade with people.

  19. Oh my gosh. I Was going to make that but now I’m not going to because I thought it would be bigger

  20. Yes! I should change outta my Christmas attire but I like it lmao

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