1. That’s a lot to start on!! I only took quarter of a tablet initially, and slowly tapered up. I’d be inclined to give your Dr a call to explain it’s wiping you out. I’m sure they’ll advise to drop the dose and go from there.

  2. And it hasn’t made me feel wired at all yet, I think I’d prefer that over the exhaustion

  3. Aye I know what you mean. If I were you I’d lower the dose for a few days and see how you feel 😊

  4. Have you read ‘The Cure’? Naltrexone is ineffective for those abstinent and not recommended as a treatment for those abstinent. Don’t worry I found nobody in my country really knows about it but I got a script out of my Doc at the local drug and alcohol Center to use to moderate. I am now using as per TSM. NAL + Drinking = Cure I’d lie to the GP or find another

  5. I haven’t read it but I keep seeing it mentioned in this sub so I want to look into it!

  6. You absolutely must read it. It’s a free pdf. If you can’t find it I can email it to you 💪🏻

  7. Is it the one by Dr. Roy Eskapa? Just want to make sure that’s the right one since there are so many results when you Google.

  8. This does help, TY! I definitely have some more research to do before my appt but from what research I have done so far, I think I’m leaning towards TSM.

  9. If you drink every day, then you would still take the pill every day, but time it for maximum Nal protection (60 mins prior) when you are actually drinking.

  10. This was a great little breakdown of TSM and helped me understand it more. Thank you so much!

  11. Omg I literally started searching random things that I thought it could possibly be called and I found it! It was called What Did I Do Last Night.

  12. I think that channel also had one called Drunk and Dangerous, but I don't know the format of it. Might ring a bell.

  13. I got hopeful that this might be it but looked it up and no such luck. Thanks for responding though!

  14. Unfortunately I only have a few bucks to spare at the moment but hopefully a few others can chip in and you can get what you need. Sending now, Best of luck!

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