1. When UF loses its accreditation due to academic freedom issues, you’ll care. Or maybe you will care when Sasse starts punching down on LGBT people. Or maybe you won’t.

  2. I would love to see our president go throwing some savage haymakers

  3. Are you actually this stupid? Clearly you can’t tell an ounce or sarcasm and like I said originally, you’re clearly still 13

  4. I don’t believe so. I’m still pissed it doesn’t look like the Div 1 version which looks better IMO

  5. Is this real? Does this mean my 15% win rate truly means im that bad that the game cant balance me?

  6. No your teammates are probably just trash. Mine barely have above a .9 k/d while I have a 1.8 and my win rate is like 17% cause it’s like a 1v11

  7. While it is I’m sorry but I’m going to say it. Most players are just trash at PvP. I play probably 98% of my time in PvE but at least I know how to play objectives and actually win gun fights. Go ahead and downvote but it’s the truth and most of you need to hear it

  8. Ah that’s why I had to leave Dr. Clarks class. I’m sure it’s nothing and just a lost package or something

  9. I transferred in last fall into the APK program and I had around a 3.5 gpa but my pre req gpa was more around 3.8. Definitely have your AA and a high gpa on your pre reqs will help

  10. Seeing the class they were was just as useless. They did that and everyone was saying how useless it was cause you can just tell by their model.

  11. I know as a guy, just sit by us and strike up a conversation. 90% of the time we’re also to scared to talk but also want to

  12. Definitely still RNG. I did security yesterday for about 3.5-4 hours and we had around 3 minute runs and still took the full time to get my 5

  13. I hope they don’t do a roll back cause before the server issue, I got 4 red box weapons from crypt today 😭

  14. Yeah I just saw the tweet. Guess I’m just going to get a security checkpoint and grind it back

  15. From what I can tell, the helmet is the new one in eververse for the Omnioculus chest, this season pass arms veist ornament and last wish boots and chest. Idk about the cloak

  16. I am still missing like multiple single squares to get one and havent hit yet!

  17. Looks like someone doesn’t know why the word challenge means ….

  18. Aw gonna cry? Guess someone got beat and is mad trying to take it out online lol

  19. Man you’re so mad for no reason. If you’re really going to throw a tantrum cause your feelings got hurt over a video game then clearly you haven’t matured past the age of 14

  20. I will take my 100 mobility and resilience with 90 discipline hunter. The extra 10 isn’t a huge issue for me with wells

  21. As for F1, there’s a few people I know who like watching as well and host watch events when the season is active. If I remember when the season starts I’ll let you know

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