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  1. My best friend seems to think I should stay with him because I have been talking about moving for three years and If I was serious nothing would stop me. They seem to think I need to explore my relationship until I know for certain

  2. When my boyfriend and I started talking, we were long distance. He had applied for several positions, a few in different countries and one in my city. I was already head over heels for him but I remember saying to him "Don't you dare accept a position in X city (where I lived) unless its the best move for your career. You're not missing any opportunities for some girl you only met a few months ago" and I meant every word.

  3. Molly is delusional if she expects an acquaintance who was uninvited to still give a gift.

  4. Reminds me of that AITA post about a guy whos friends were pressuring him to purchase a gift for a mutual friends wedding that he wasn't invited to. Where do these people get these ideas?!

  5. Oddly specific but - There in a small European bakery near me that hand makes their perogie and sells them in ziplock bags with the fillings written on the front in Sharpie. We've been eating those for almost 2 years and recently, I decided to get some cheap frozen perogie on a whim. I couldn't eat more than 2, they tasted almost "fishy" and just incredibly... off and overall gross.

  6. Save it for the tobacco and cable news executives. Capitalizing on a horniness arbitrage is as American as apple pie.

  7. Here's a chart for you and anyone else asking "AITA for **insert prank here**?"

  8. Would you compare the music video style to The All American Rejects - Move Along music video?

  9. Collective Knowledge Banks, Collective Intelligence, Cumulative Culture, Memetics,

  10. The release date isn't accurate, but Mary says "you don't know anything about anything" to her maid, Martha, The Secret Garden 1993

  11. The first thing that comes to mind is Tamatoa singing Shiny, in Moana

  12. Without much to go on - Check out hits by Nat King Cole, Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, Louis Armstrong, Lead Belly, Water David and Mississippi John Hurt. See if any of their voices sound like who you're looking for

  13. Looks like someone pushed a roll of processed meat into a stocking and gave it teeth

  14. I’ve seen a lot of videos of ballet dancers preparing for dances and for their shoes there’s a lot of tape, plasters, small sock things and general prep involved. And their feet still end up looking battered.

  15. Did ballet from ages 3 - 18, my tights were all stained in the toes with blood because of the countless blisters and callouses you get. You just sort of get used to it after a while. I still have a couple old pairs I've tried them on for funsies over the years and can't imagine how I used to dance on them for hours, it hurts just after a few minutes now.

  16. Are your feet still jacked from it? Genuine question. I've always wondered if they're able to bounce back from the abuse once it stops.

  17. Yeah they're totally normal now! As normal as feet can be anyways. I've always hated feet in general, which I'm going to assume is related to the whole "Feet = Pain & Blood" haha

  18. Can I ask how much the whole thing cost? I'm in a studio apartment in Vancouver so my freezer wouldn't fit even a quarter of what's there, but I've always loved the idea of purchasing a whole pig or half cow someday

  19. The pig was £3,80 per kg. I’m getting a cow and it will be £6 per kg. The last time both of them were cheaper. 🤷🏻‍♀️ We have a chest freezer at home and that’s how everything fits. It’s worthy as it saves me a lot of money in the long run.

  20. My boyfriend and I are both high libido and started off long distance. This was never even a question because we both approached it with "Okay we can't physically be in the same room, so what can we do?"

  21. Does your dad remember anything else about the movie? What was the art? (painting? Of what? sculpture?) was the man young, old, middle aged? Hair color? Ethnicity? Was it set in modern times?

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