AITA for not allowing my niblings in my childfree home?

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  1. Nope Im just a dumbass and didnt see there was a 2nd image

  2. ikr. With the tree in the center, it could very well be an alternate flag of Lebanon.

  3. My new favourite thing is to mock Americans for how small their states are compared to ours, like, we have an individual cattle station bigger than several of their states, it’s like they aren’t even trying smh my head

  4. I mean, with the exception of Tasmania and Victoria, all of the lower 48 states are smaller than the other four states plus the Northern Territory.

  5. why are you crossposting a post from this sub that was only posted yesterday? 🤔

  6. YTA. Please have some compassion FFS. You're not TA because you don't want to babysit the kids, but you are TA for letting your sister down when she's already very stressed.

  7. NTA. You are an adult and have every right to move out as you wish. However, your mum should try and seek help ASAP; she may need a caretaker.

  8. NTA. Your brother using autism as an excuse for doing something that he's perfectly capable of is bullshit, especially when you had other fish to fry. I also dislike your dad's attitude of thinking that you should automatically do things for him just because you're his older sister.

  9. I believe it's because American bread is a lot less healthy and packed with preservatives and sugar, they think it's strange that bread exists just as bread. Whereas in a lot of other countries, bread can be commonly found without additives.

  10. Wow, what an accomplishment! Djokovic continues to show why he's one of the greatest players of all time. Congrats to him for achieving this milestone!

  11. And I'm impressed that he persisted, despite his hamstring injury that was causing him a lot of pain (FWIW, he wasn't as swift today as he usually is). He definitely deserved that grand slam.

  12. At least all the Italian, Greek, Australian, Japanese, Asia Pasific and Korean people I know refer to football as football. Idk what is up with that. Also isn't football the biggest sport in really many of those countries? (at least Croatia, Greece, and Italy what I am aware of).

  13. Not Australia. Australian rules football or rugby take precedent here.

  14. Yeah but do u call australian football football or do u call the football (soccer) football?

  15. Most of the time, Australian rules football. Even though Football Australia wants football to refer to soccer, this is all their wishes and doesn't reflect the general population's view. Their rename in 2005 was because they wanted a fresh restart (they were previously known as the Australian Soccer Association), not because general usage shifted.

  16. I'm sure if any government does that, they'll be voted straight out, never to return to power again.

  17. Do you mean, NEW York, where the word "new" has absolutely zero meaning? /s

  18. ikr. With the exception of Perth and Bunbury, most towns in the coastal parts of Gascoyne and Pilbara in Western Australia are mining towns, FWIW.

  19. I now automatically assume posts like these are by an American because only Americans forget that there's an entire world out there.

  20. In OOP's defence, NHS is probably one of the few initialisms better known by initialism than in full.

  21. Holy shit, this makes my blood boil. Are they not aware that baseball is played outside the US? At least on the flip side, that user isn’t like a diehard American football fan who thinks it’s more popular than soccer worldwide and insists that football should refer to American football everywhere.

  22. Curious, what do you as a fellow Ozzie think when someone says football?

  23. I would think rugby league if they're from New South Wales or Queensland and AFL if they're from somewhere else; however, from my observations, the term "football" alone has now been deliberately avoided by every single sporting league to avoid ambiguity.

  24. Iirc the only time this worked was with Grenada but this was supported by Grenada’s opposition. It would only be a waste of resources and money to invade Haiti, though.

  25. Yes, and hope it’s indefinite. But what I don’t want to happen is what happened to Novak Djokovic — i.e., a future government reverses the ban for the money.

  26. I've been to the US several times and have nf idea what half the list means.

  27. A lot of Americans will probably just say "well, the USD is the global standard"

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