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  1. Went to louder than life this year and had a blast, das-bout it, wanted to contribute though. my favorite performance was GHOSTEMANE, nihil and sacrilege were badass.

  2. The site Wahapedia has the rules for Kill Team, 40K, and Age of Sigmar.

  3. I should clarify I’m doing a kill team

  4. I just had to google Nixons middle name, btw did you know it’s milhous

  5. No number but what taylor swift song is in your playlist?

  6. Gotta be honest not a big T swift fan

  7. The last one is neurotic by three days grace

  8. Flails are actually fictional weapons made by modern people after seeing bad art of a mace

  9. I shall accept the little gay in my phones rating

  10. Lage of leeds 🤢🤮🤮🤢

  11. You have disregarded your own life years ago

  12. God imagine playing gorilla tag for two days straight like you do with minecraft, you’re arms are going to literally disintegrate

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