Why do men go out of their way to monitor women's subs, just to invalidate them in the comment section?

Listen, get educated, and get involved.

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  1. And with that crunch expect worse than CP2077

  2. From a third article, the argument given for blocking Novak's lawsuit was because of Qualified Immunity. So it appears this could be a case of Free Speech vs Qualified Immunity.

  3. Would love to see how the supreme court would say qualified immunity had been established longer than the first amendment.

  4. I don’t think it matters if you play overwatch or not, but it is interesting gaming news that a new game is requiring players phone numbers.

  5. From only specific networks.

  6. I got the stadia starter box for free and only wanted it for the Chromecast puck. But if I get to use the controller on its own that'll be nice.

  7. What power? If they can veto anything then the UN is powerless. UN could make something that proves extreme war crimes and if the violator can veto it then it is powerless.

  8. Lol same. My sister moved and decided right away to buy a house back in my home town. This was right during covid. Now her house is with an extremely low interest rate and because of California moving into my home state is now worth double. I on the other hand didn't gamble but saved up. Hate my job and life so didn't want to be stuck if I just decided to quit my job. Good i hatte making wrong decisions all the freaking time. Probably won't get a house before I die now.

  9. They sent an email today that I have to act before October 20th….. fuck them I have federal loans I never refinanced I am not doing shit till the WH provides more guidance.

  10. Go to the studentaid.gov website and get on the newsletter that will send you a message when you can submit your income stuff.

  11. Nah need to get some skin grafts.

  12. Don't even need a hook. With that big of a "gapehole" an overhanging light post if all you need.

  13. Wait so if I don’t send them a phone number I can’t play ?

  14. Wouldn’t they have to give you your money somehow? Sounds criminal otherwise.

  15. Guess you have never heard of civil asset forfeiture.

  16. How has no one pointed out that this isn't a real ad (and belongs in

  17. From my perspective. A. It is on

  18. Christian schools should not exist, let alone be publicly funded. Look at residential schools in Canada and the US, as far as concerned those were pure evil, designed purely for genocide

  19. The schools should exist for every religion but not one cent of taxpayers dollars should be given to them.

  20. Except you are supposed to not get a running start.

  21. Jesus you are just plagiarizing the life hack 2022 calendar for today. Karma whore right here.

  22. What is even worse is when you can get the game cheaper by adding another game in. Had some game i was looking at that if you added some crap extra game it was like 3 dollars less. Bought the bundle and place the crap game into hidden.

  23. Auto-musou might actually be a better name than bullet heaven. I’m guessing the roguelite population isn’t so much into musou games. Horde survival is also one I’ve seen, but it seems redundant…

  24. Don't call it bullet heaven. Dear God that is the most incompetent name for it. Horde survival, survivor like, etc anytime other than bullet heaven since it isn't a "reverse bullet hell". So tired of some "influencers" saying bullet heaven so that they can say they create the genre. If so they can't use rogue like, souls like , etc.

  25. They were not attacked.... They were being liberated from Nazis.

  26. What 2 did right was having a good story and memorable characters. I just finished 3 recently and to be honest the story was forgettable, the villains obnoxious, and the dialogue often cringy. The actual gameplay was okay though.

  27. Finalizing the DLC on 3 right now. What you said was mostly correct. The main story sucked. I have enjoyed 2 of the 3 DLC i have did (cowboy one sucked). Gameplay is okay but it is nothing different from the first 2.

  28. It’s just not someplace my mind would immediately go

  29. It could be for some people. Think of it this way. Sexual thing sent, sexual thing received, sexual thing sent, little sister received. This is quick example but either it was to cut off the conversation, some where change or something very bad. Safest is to think it is very bad cause no child should be thought of that way and it is better to be wrong than to not do anything to protect a child.

  30. This sub in particular is used to be a default sub for new reddit accounts which is why it's so popular

  31. Just got here from popular. From a man's perspective there are some people (make and female)that are dicks that need to spend their time putting other people down and if they hate women then it is a twofer. Sadly I have seen some in popular for this subreddit that could be considered pretty offensive towards men. I don't open most of these posts since i feel i have nothing to give to the situation but this one I had to say something.

  32. No Man’s Sky has definitely proven its worth though out of these picks

  33. If you believe it was worth it when it came out then can i borrow some money that i will double in a year?

  34. Don’t know if they brazenly lied as opposed to over-promised because they were amplified by media hype and then got too big for their small development britches. But I am biased! Yours is certainly a point to consider.

  35. Space battles, multiplayer, syoryline, the list goes on. They lied right up to release about these things. Promoting bad behavior like this which wasn't an early access game and had less content than a indie game for a AAA price shows how bad they are.

  36. I can see Nvidia pushing to take that market share for themselves and squeeze out more of the partners.

  37. Already have been from what the rumors show.

  38. Don't worry they will just start having school at 12pm since a new study week indicate that their brains don't start working until that time.

  39. Oh please they just give you 5 chances then kill you. All the while stating that mistakes happen.

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