1. This one sorta feels weird in this bunch but hey I'm glad it's not my baby Superman ✨

  2. Camp Cope isn't emo anymore but they still vibe. Also Kittyhawk

  3. Why is there such a noticeable contingent on the American left that seem to be Pro-Russian…

  4. Maybe but we are all dunking on OP so maybe we are more united than one might initially think

  5. What a dumb fucking post title. "Kyle is a ProNato SHILL!" Like uhh what?

  6. TDI has too many fucking fart jokes. It's such a shame because it is a lot of fun to watch but honestly those fart jokes ruin more than you might think. World Tour best season

  7. Subsiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiieeeiiiiieiiide. Subsiiiaiieeieieieieiaieieieide. Subsiiieeeeeiiiiiiiiiaiaiiide. Subside subside subside and oooohhh i wanna knowwwwwwwwwwq

  8. For me religion is a part of civil liberties. If people wanna go to church and be in organized religion I have no issue with it

  9. I have timed a 7 minute AthleanX ab workout to the first 3 songs of White with perfect 60 second sets and appropriate breaks. I have dubbed it 'WeezerAbs.' Very fun with specific points in each song to listen for to rest and change exercise

  10. Two songs the community loves but I dont particularly care for. I thought Iambic Pentameter's lyrics would actually be written in Iambic Pentameter but Rivers is too small brain. I voted for IP

  11. I enjoyed it. Pretty funny having "Team Victory" get fucking trounced until it's just DJ

  12. i would’ve been okay with it if it wasn’t so obviously rigged against them, like the only two times they don’t lose it’s a reward challenge? lmfao okay. if one or two of them made the merge, preferably lindsay and a few others (ESPECIALLY DUNCAN) didn’t i’d be okay with it

  13. I really wouldn't change much about WT. It's probably the best season of the show and messing with the Victory plot line would mess other things up that are great as is.

  14. Or Running with the Hurricane by Camp Cope for a feminist Australian alternative

  15. I also know a band, Motel Camp, is local to Baltimore

  16. I'm sure the Menzingers have mentioned it but I can't seem to recall any examples

  17. Katie Porter for Senate! Or Shahid Buttar!

  18. He'd be the best thing to hit the Senate in decades.

  19. I think he has a snowflake's chance in a blast furnace of winning the seat. Porter is much more likely to take it all the way, ya vibe

  20. Not sure what you mean here. The podcast hasn't happened yet. It is happening soon when he goes to Texas for the live show and for that collab with the YouTuber he keeps hyping up (neutral statement)

  21. If you curse in the first ~30 seconds your video gets fucked. He's been talking about it non stop for about 3 weeks now

  22. Imo the worst song on the album, shocked to see it mentioned when songs like Euphoria exist that are among Tom's best work

  23. Love the song and skatepunk but come on, BTD has a better performance, better production, better writing. It just wins overall. Not really fair since it's one of their older songs but it is what it is hah

  24. Huge disagree on the production and writing. Guitar work and lyrics are much more interesting. "Life is too short to last long" is one of the dumbest fucking bars in blinks catologue imo

  25. Lol it's gonna be one of those agree to disagree things then. I do agree the guitar work is better tho. But BTD has a way harder hitting Chorus. I like my choruses hooky and big. The chorus on Toast feels anticlimatic, the energy just halts there. The riff is cool tho, wish more pop punk nowadays had riffs

  26. I will say the chorus on Toast is pretty mid. Plus Bored to Death has Skiba on it which is a plus for me and Travis's drums are obviously rad.

  27. Kyle's got some bangers still. I even laughed at his roast of Cuomo's news show a few days ago where he said his classic "don't fact check me on this, but i'm pretty sure it's the first show in history to have NEGATIVE viewers at any given time." A common joke of his but the delivery was perfect that it actually had me laugh :)

  28. I think compared to the rest of that album it would've been mid. If it were going to be great I don't think Finn would've let it go

  29. I coulda sworn there was at least one more but I can think of it so you win this round OP

  30. watch S4, hard to tell you what happened without spoiling it lol

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