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  1. I got some little beepers on the window, I have a dog who would bark if a stranger came in, and I have some weapons available if I have need to defend myself.

  2. If you aren't trained to handle weapons then I would agree. As I am trained to use my weapons, I feel safer with them in my possession.

  3. I'm not trying to get high. I'm microdosing to help with my depression. Like a dose small enough to not effect the outside layer of my personality. I've heard good things about psilocybin and depression reset

  4. The majority of research about microdosing has been used in cases of MD without comorbid conditions.

  5. Good information. 8m glad you are responding and that I posted this. I'll try it but I'll be careful and take off of my Concerta for the time being. If not I'll just have a new side hustle.

  6. Make sure that a trustworthy person is willing to be with you and sober enough to make sure you will be okay within the next several hours. That is a responsible thing to do whether you have a mental illness or not.

  7. It can happen in a day though. If I'm overly stressed I can be pushed to much and go into a episode. It happened a week ago my dad got me so worked up that all I remember was the fear that I was going to be sent away. That night I ran out my house bare foot came back and grabbed my bike and was riding around my neighborhood. The most I remember is leaving I woke up the next day confused and my feet hurt.

  8. You did just describe what happened though, so it sounds like you more or less have a recollection of what happened. And to me, your description clearly describes an episode.

  9. So it sounds to me like you are playing devils advocate for the SO in OP's story. Even though amnesia is not considered by psychology to be one of the halmarks of schizoaffective bipolar, let's say hypothetically that he was in an episode; is this post about the guy's psychosis, or is this post about the fact that OP is enduring heinous abuse?

  10. I'm studying it in college and by myself. And light as in a more understanding or positive light; one that helps get rid of stigmas since that is why I'm studying psychology.

  11. Even psychologists at the PhD level cannot claim to fully understand schizophrenia or psychotic disorders in general, so I find it a bit forward that you claim to understand well.

  12. That's good to hear. Avoid becoming myopic in your focus on the disorder, remember the full human person who has that disorder.

  13. Is there someone you can call who makes you feel safe and understands you?

  14. The colors you see on succulents are known as "stress colors". In order to see those beautiful colors, you need to "stress" your plant with a lot of light. If you're not seeing stress colors, you're simply not giving it enough light.

  15. I pick the songs that are right for what kind of vibe I want. I don't change songs because I have a playlist for each mood I want to hit.

  16. I never lie. If people ask I tell them the truth. It is rare that people continue to have questions.

  17. When I was little, I kept asking my parents questions like "why did god murder all of the dinosaurs", "why does god give babies cancer", "why does god let ___ happen". My parents who weren't very religious were often flabbergasted and didn't know what to tell me. Realizing that god wasn't real was a relief for 8 year old me.

  18. I have gradutated with my bachelors and I have the option to hop into a 7 year Anthro PhD program. However, I have been ruminating on where my interests actually are. I do love anthropology, but when I think of the types of research questions I have, I feel like they would fit better in a psychology thesis, or perhaps an "anthro-psychology" thesis.

  19. Shows that these apps are getting better and better. Is there anything you would tweek about these images?

  20. Do you happen to know how that came about as a descriptor for characters rather than the paracosms themselves?

  21. Hey, I have a similar origin story. Came up with a world when I was around 11 and I've spent the last 16 years working on it, building the world and writing stories that take place there. I was also highly inspired by video games, books, shows, movies, etc.

  22. I personally think that all of these "aesthetics" strike me rather as "tones". If you would like a dark tone, or a light tone, a futuristic tone, etc, I think it would be perfectly fine to have all of that in the same paracosm or world.

  23. Where's the "I don't get bored with my characters" option?

  24. I could write that but yeah it is an option. But how I mean even if I create new universe or find new scenes, if I spend to much on them I feel tired and bored:))

  25. Different strokes for different folks. I have been working with the same paracosm for sixteen years, never once got bored with it.

  26. That is cake batter. You must be celebrating the snake plant's birthday! Congratulations! :)

  27. Peperomia Caperata "Napoli Nights" cultivar.

  28. I definitely love "designer foliage". So chic

  29. Haldol is the worst. My psychiatrist told me that haldol is a drug she would never use. They put me on it in the hospital, and I quickly became a zombie. When I got out of the hospital my psychiatrist immediately changed my meds. I wish more psychiatrists were like mine, listening to the patient instead of doubling down on whatever they read in a textbook ten years ago. Look for a better psychiatrist if you can.

  30. Thank you so much for replying to me I'm glad I'm not the only one that has this response to haldol. Which medicine by the way are you taking currently I'm shopping around for new medicine and possibly a new doctor

  31. I am currently on 8 medications, but for psychosis I take Caplyta and Seroquel. Caplyta is great, it lifted my mood, and since I take it at night before bed, I am not sleepy during the day. The side effect I get is dry mouth, but I stay hydrated. Caplyta is a very new medication, approved for sale in 2019, but it's also quite expensive. If your insurance covers it, you might want to look into Caplyta. Seroquel helps quiet down the hallucinations before I go to bed, and I haven't really noticed any side effects.

  32. No, psychedelics cause psychosis. People take them so that they can hallucinate and shit. We are already hallucinating, so it just stacks the psychosis.

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