1. Yeah, your probably well short on your offer...From what I understand Arch is pretty much mandatory for any PX trade to happen ..

  2. Umm, maybe STICKY-ing this up at the top would help facilitate that knowledge to everyone, but until that can happen, this post will get buried in a heartbeat and read by only a few.

  3. Been looking for a tully monster and came across a guy that had 24 locked

  4. Ran into him in the discord too cause I mentioned it there and he was proud of it. And there was a player there that said he took advantage of him when he was new to get his tully monster

  5. Wow, and now he's scarred for life...well, that's today's games. They reach such a broad spectrum of people that you'll run into the craziest stuff...

  6. So I have a friend that I've been doin' 4 card dupe swaps with that has a dupe if BK. I'm sure he'd be down for parting with one, but I wanna make him a fair offer.

  7. They will do a demo run with a old redbull (idk which one exactly but likely the one they use to all their demo stuff) this year

  8. You can't post pics in comments can you?? I'm new to Reddit lol

  9. If you are new to Reddit then you have a SERIOUSLY limited window in order to change your username. I don't know how to do it. I found out a week to late. Do a search on Reddit for changing user name. Hurry.

  10. I’ve had some pretty bad ones consistently but I’ll keep at them 😂 hopefully I’ll get lucky and have an incredible one eventually to make up for it

  11. Ditto that. I stopped buying 'em cause while waiting for that incredible one I never even got a meh one...

  12. Honestly I think you need to pick one or the other. Trying to have a collection of both lol and oceans cards and within them cards buffing those individual collections weakens your deck. Either go all in on oceans and maybe have some lol cards in it that buff oceans (or one of your ocean albums). Or the other way around. This would allow you to be able to take advantage of cards like stampede and tidal wave. It would also help maximize your buffs to one battery card.

  13. BUT to ULTIMATELY answer your question, couple oceans cards I like are Viperfish and Vampire Crab (yeah you need a second crustacean card, but it's debuff is killer) and maybe Angel Jellyfish if energy is a thing from my oceans cards...

  14. I'm trying to grab a zhenge now. I've thrown world turtle in, Heimdall instead of Rapunzel, removed the ocean card and threw in internal combustion engine. I also swapped hypernova for super massive black hole. And general Sherman for the tree.

  15. The Tree's alright, but I love that Sherm debuff. Even t3, that debuff alone can win you the round.

  16. Anytime I see a card like mandarin duck I start thinking commons deck (knights templar, Domitan, UDHR, and a ton of commons). Tho maybe duck would allow for (albeit much more expensive) Nazca/Jade Emperor style deck - or BOTH!

  17. Strange, especially as doesn’t heimdall need a card from every album?

  18. Ditto that, and to the OP - that previous post, friend him asap - you'll get all your Sue Black's for pennies (well maybe ice pops)

  19. Woooooo, I'd be SUPER wary of that trade dude. RH I:m pretty sure is really, really near Guy Fawkes kinda scarce.... May not be worth a big ton now, but if ever you do get interested in those Merry Men it will cost was at more that whatever it was you were getting (so good I already forgot!)

  20. Wow, I thought Ragnarok was prettttty darned expensive compounded with actually being somewhat scare? (And a vicious card too)

  21. Hey, at least there wouldn't be the great Shinigami wait or card shuffle/dance

  22. Yeah think the highest I’ve seen was around 450 or something and wanted to cry 😂 can’t remember how much it increases but Anubis is essential to these decks but pretty sure it’s a late game level up reward

  23. Second to last level up reward...seems like it gonna be ages before I get mine.... (Anubis +40 perm power)

  24. Woof, if Devil couldn't have 1x1 I woulda thought Robin Hood would have. Yeah, very niche but THATS a rare card!

  25. Gonna need at least a Dutch before you'll find anyone to give you a good trade. Arch would help to immediately facilitate some trades...

  26. Thing is I probably would have traded one of those for his offer. My initial offer was my Chestnut Bob for his Livia Drusilla.

  27. THAT always raises my suspicious eyebrows when what started as a simple trade for an common/rare/epic results in a counter offer like that.

  28. Thanks for cropping names! (HEY, wait a sec, I thought that was like Tangents or Donin8r's job to say that! 🤔😜.

  29. Aye-Aye. Haven’t built to use it yet so we’ll see

  30. Oooo, been wanting that one too! Not an everyday commuter, but looks interesting for when you want to take a special deck on a Sunday drive!

  31. Overlock is a pain with Unicorn and Ponzi all those cards that you want to play on particular turns (heimdall, Night Attack, Terminator, GMT). Don't you find the 1 card turn messes up all the rest of your play? Or you have to waste the benefit of Pinzi/Unicorn because you can't paly at that turn?

  32. Sometimes yes it's a pain. And yes overlock is probably more shuffle dependant than any other deck - and so dependant it can totally cost you a match. This deck seems to not suffer from that condition as often I'm finding (I think I mentioned that in my old post?). THO when it does give you the perfect shuffle and your big three come r1/r1, it's lights out. I've been blessed with this occurrence once now with this deck, and I will bet the farm there isn't a deck in the game that WON'T get blown out in 3. Wait, one deck will. This same deck with PX and Dutch (and they better have gotten a pretty good shuffle)

  33. Wow, second game after I subbed Tully into my TWT overlock deck (which I posted elsewhere) I hit 1k+ in the final turn. Dang it forgot to highlight the round score! (It was 2850 something)

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