1. I like this idea, it's different and interesting, not just the same deck used over and over again. I'm not sure it would work constantly, but it seemes pretty solid

  2. Lol! By NO means is this a consistent winning deck! Heck, you can totally get hosed on the initial shuffle to where even the weakest deck wipes you out in three. But when you do get that shuffle, and you meet that opponent who unknowingly DIDN'T get that shuffle - that's when this deck rocks in ways that few others can.

  3. High Energy week's or Paleo - that's this deck's big weakness's. But you wanna run something different, that WILL make your opponents do that "in disbelief" fast blinking thing with their eyes - run this deck. At the very least, if they sweep you in three, you always get a "Good game", "Great Deck" from you opponent.

  4. Someone earlier said they opened 750k worth of packs before they got Shingami...

  5. Even this week with it's wonked energy rules? (Which I love, cause it kills the decks your talking about? Week's like these I run an inflation deck and it grinds those decks to death?)

  6. I spent so far around 240k and pulled 4 limleg's myself, all lesser ones of course, but nice to get anyways... (And nice non were dupes!)

  7. So I guess wayyyyy undervalued Exomoon? It doesn't seem that hot of a card...but I've now traded 1x1 for a Decimation and then a Shi tzu (the expensive doggie limleg) - and peeps wouldn't even talk to you unless you came at them crazzy overpaying for either of those 2 cards..

  8. You can have a deck that is entirely Exploring The Stars cards except for for the three Moon in Motion cards. In that case you would play this card and get 420 worth of power ( I think ). So that’s a lot for just 6 energy.

  9. Wow! Yeah that is pretty awesome - but does sound kinda niche. So maybe just happy quinka-dink I ran into the two dudes earnest on building a specialied deck.

  10. Its not odd, you're just unlucky. The chances are low, but not impossible.

  11. I kinda wonder, just for giggles I tried it 2 more times, 2 more Barnstorming's...7 Barnstorming's - In a row, separated by 5 days, with many other packs being bought in-between?

  12. Err, 8!! (Forgot, I unloaded one real quick - finally traded my first, err now that I remember, second one today!)

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  14. Heh, if your a movie goer like you say you, get ready - d-box is going to open up movies for you in a whole new way. It add's a level of immersion that transforms you movie going experience to something better than a Disneyland ride. It creates what I call "indelible movie memories" - movies with d-box create an experience you'll remember for the rest of your life. (If it's a good movie for d-box to work with tho. Believe or not, so formula it hurt movie Hobbs & Shaw was absolutely brilliant on d-box, but incredible super sequel Infinity War (that last Thanos movie) - absolute shite d-box movie))

  15. No, I'm totally not into a D Box movie going experience. My coworker is when he has the time to go to the Lakeside 18 just to do it. I'm just an IMAX, IMAX 3D, Real D and Dolby Cinema as my ultimate movie goer experience, other than those 3 formats it's just the Standard 2D movie. I have only been to one Real D Movies this year. I have my own personal reasons for this but part of it is theater related and just isn't for me. For the local theater that has it's just not worth my overall expense budget.

  16. Aww that sucks. Especially so cause it's partially because of the theater. That makes my disdain for subpar theatres all the more vile. That industry, especially right now, customer is king, and any that haven't clued into that need to go bye bye. True that, D-box is NOT cheap. I'm especially blessed with where I live, there's a citywide "Bargain Price Tuesday" (yeah, EVERY theatre, every movie (regular ofc) EVERY showing (regular ofc), $8 - so D-box 3d is just $15 that day, mucho better than the 25.50 full adult fare!) So it makes D-box affordable for me. And D-box on an giant Atmos screen (which is almost IMAX sized I do believe?) is pretty dang impressive. But yeah, gotta deal with the theatres ya got, I hear ya on that.. But maybe offer a lil prayer someone builds the theatre multiplex of your dreams a block away? (=

  17. As someone else said elsewhere, "I would hit my trade button so hard my phone would crack'...

  18. 2 more cards - Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab... Tho no consolation I know, but it's better than 1?

  19. Yeah I don't think a fabriege egg deck is gonna make the 1k club 🤣

  20. Supposedly there is a "pity timer" that exists that gives you a Limleg when you spend "around" 200k on packs in one continue pack buying spree.

  21. One of the strengths of the Roman catalogue is the fact SOOO many of the cards buff "Roman" cards... So the more Roman cards you have, the more buffs you'll score...All cards buffing all cards! (Well not maybe all...)

  22. TO maybe getcha going in the right direction, here's write up's on 2 different deck's you could start building towards -

  23. And of course building a Sue Black deck is an excellent starter deck too, probably the easiest deck in CUE to build (just do a search for Sue Black in CUE)

  24. I'd pull the trigger too. He could have asked for another Lim leg - so I'd say it's a good trade for you...

  25. That is sad to hear. Now you spent at least $230k before switching to a different pack? (I've always started with 230k and got the pity LL)Sometimes you have to spend a little bit more than 200k to get the pity Limleg...

  26. So ALL of that is from a total of three 200k runs, 600k total (actually only spent 543k total).

  27. Yeah, but unless it's from one of your friends - you'll be old and grey before you'll ever find anyone who'll just 1:1 it with a stranger. Name recognition alone dictates it'll probably always go 2:1 with a stranger. It's its own deck type!.

  28. Shin Tzu, Basset Hound, Doge, Poodle Moth, Jack Russel Terrier, Corgi, Cavall.

  29. Wot? I haven't heard about this your saying, theoretically, that if you spent 650k on coin packs (just like if u spend 200k to get the pity limleg) you get a mythic?

  30. Well as it worked out, I said no! Arch might be mega, but 2 of them limleg's are proven "will be missed' winner's and I just don't wanna pay that high a price. Arch will come again, and it will be for a price I can live with!!! Anthro has won me so many matches, even post-nerf (pre-nerf, beyond incredible, amazing the difference 15 pts makes)...

  31. Shame it's not a common or rare card....(especially common!). Roman keg be a mighty high scoring keg...heh

  32. I did see that after I ranted 😂 but it'd be nice if CUE could tweak that to be either more specific about that whole deal or maybe give an actual warning when you've done too many uneven trades, where in doing it too much more will have a consequence. An actual hard line instead of the really ambiguous notification that it is now. Maybe the recipient of an uneven trade could get a notification to let them know it's uneven and double check before accepting?

  33. Or maybe they could just change the wording a little! Instead of, "Bad trade for you"or "your gonna screw them" warnings that pop up - why not just make them general warnings "Trade involves cards of different rarities, proceed?". "One for four, that's okay?". "Four for one, that's cool?. Confirm we know it's a different situation, rather than attempt to find wrong where there is none.

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