1. Both me and my wife have very high sex drives and neither of us would dream of cheating on each other

  2. I rarely do but in my upon at least it feels extra good to use lube when you jerk off

  3. Probably because women in my experience aren't usually as forth coming with their horniness. Unless they feel comfortable around you they don't just bend over for the next man walking by where a guy has a very visual method of showing arousal.

  4. Just full on sex, probably a minute or two, though the truth is you need to pad that out, play with her tits, finger her, toss her salad, touch her, kiss her up and down, slow down then speed up your thrusts, tease her, bring her close to orgasm than slow it down so she's so close but can't quite, make her beg.

  5. Now the opposite, the more you use your brain the stronger it is. I even saw a study that people who had higher iq and studied more and keep using their brain tended to have lower chances for Alzheimer's (the disease when you start forgetting things when you're older) however it's just one study and isn't perfect proof it's still generally good to constantly use your brain

  6. I'd agree it is uncomfortable, you feel generally just annoyed and in need of release. That being said a guy can suck it up and deal with it, though I'd say two or three times a week will generally keep him content and getting sexually fulfilled. Being in a relationship does mean both partners agree to be responsible for the others sexual needs. I mean unless you want an open relationship or hand him jerking off to porn but I'll say those are generally not great long term solutions.

  7. I'm 22 and make maybe 20 grand a year. While not impossible in order to do something like that it'll require something like a very successful business. Not a realistic goal. If you maybe get into trucking or something you can get that money

  8. If the problem is the nipple, why men can show the nipples and woman cannot?

  9. Cause I think women's nipples are more considered a sexual organ than male nipples?

  10. Thank you so much!!!! I will be starting my back up today and picking up some usbs cause I had been wanting to do this but was having trouble finding anything that could do something like this!

  11. Proceeds to viciously dick her down till she looks like a glazed cream filled donuts

  12. No, I'm friends with a nice lady who's asexual just cause she's a cool person, she has no intention of dating or doing anything sexual with her. Guys can have friends who are women.

  13. Why can't you buy one? I thought garand was fine because it's less than 10 rounds and none of the "assault weapon" features

  14. I felt star finder had pretty good space ship combat. Not too difficult and could probably be adapted to a pirate ship and dnd without too much trouble and a touch of homebrew.

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