1. Has Rogers said why he’s finally played Iverson over Ward? Can’t tell if he’s going to have a run in the team now or just giving him an outing. I know Leicester have been leaking goals but I didn’t think that was down to goalkeeper error?

  2. Can the mods please ban this guy? Constantly trolling for attention

  3. What trolling? It’s a rant thread and you’re salty that your players did awful

  4. Maddison transferred Iversen in his WC. Unfair he gets inside info m.

  5. What for... all the money he can make?

  6. Chill, I was just joking. But yeah, for all the fpl points he can make

  7. That's why he isn't scoring too much. They're in the way for his right foot

  8. If you're 99% sure you're going to bench boost, what would you change of

  9. Some decent transfers imo: Saka to Fernandes, Ødegaard to March, Zinchencho to Shaw

  10. Isn't the consensus that we stop these "appreciation" and "support group" threads? So sick of them

  11. 11 without hits and banking two transfers. Anyone got three?

  12. Most people have been planning in advance for this blank and it ended up not being as big a blank as expected, plus all the 26 WCera are set up well for it, so 10-11 being the most common is really no surprise

  13. Yeah, that might be the case. I think not most people in general though, but probably most people on this subreddit

  14. I think Estupinan to Botman is a decent move considering Newcastle playing in GW28 and double in GW29. They are also generally good defensively, so could be nice to hold throughout the season. Would hesitate more on Almirón, both because of his limited minutes last week and also because his xGI is not that impressive. There are also a lot of good midfield options at this point.

  15. 7, not bad considering it’s a BGW

  16. You are probably mistaken. The more similiar squad to the scout, the worse your GW will get

  17. You are probably mistaken. This is the FFScout. You’re thinking of the official FPL Scout.

  18. Don't really see the point of trying to maximize team value when there are so many great options that doesn't cost too much

  19. Found it so hard to accept it at the start of this season and my rank suffered because of it

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