1. the only thing i got from this is that you're poly and just need to own it

  2. No it's not, this is the same thing as defending a bad movie. You may like it, but it can be objectively poorly written. Here's where I'm going with this, you can like something that doesn't hold up, but that doesn't mean it really does. It's the same thing as beauty standards, the majority of people are more likely going to be attracted to someone who has pretty eyes than tired ones, that's not to say there won't be people attracted to tired eyes, but they're still average because very few people will be.

  3. ok lol honestly ive noticed that you just seem to love starting arguments w/ me so im not even going to waste energy on you

  4. This isn't out of spite; I argue against a lot of things I disagree with, and it so happens that you say a lot of things I really disagree with.

  5. I've contracted so much second hand embarrassment from the people who watch the show over the course of my entire life that I'm just going to never watch it in the first place

  6. My grandma isn't white so I'd be extremely confused

  7. For the restaurant one it would be quite easy to track down the person

  8. Girls: “We want men to leave us alone when we’re out doing normal day to day things like having coffee”

  9. wow, almost as if a few women dont speak for all of them. crazy.

  10. bruh you might as well just Google the sex offenders in your area and go meet them without the middle man

  11. I have 2 bedsheets. Ones a very expensive silk bedsheets which my sister gifted to me(my ex tried to steal it).And a normal one. So I need another one I guess?

  12. The question said “intentionally” not “internationally”

  13. dreams are way too random and vague to get any real meaning from them, imo

  14. i cant think of anything other than hugging or hand-holding that doesn't make me think "oh theey're one of those couples"

  15. "Excluded gym, getting ridiculously ripped doesn’t really help, go ask any girl" the amount of cope in this right here is almost funny...

  16. lmao seriously. yeah op im sure every girl would rather have a stick then a dude with a modest athletic build

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