1. What’s a good rifle to get? I just started and would like to get one beyond that first one they give you

  2. You should try the MK14 Occult or the BFG-50A. I currently use the bfg for its longer range, but i change to the mk14 for closer range and stealth.

  3. Thanks for the reply I’ll check them out

  4. No problem :). Though i should say im not sure how quickly you obtain the bfg, but i believe the mk14 is obtained pretty early.

  5. It will, thats just one section, but ive been to lazy to build on it lol

  6. Very cool modern art love it! Whats the level gonna be called?

  7. Im not sure yet, but its far from done. Do you have any ideas? (You can find the first part in my posted videos on my profile.)

  8. Glow will probably be dialed down. This part is still in “beta.”

  9. This is also my first time making modern decoration seriously.

  10. I think thats pretty cool. Maybe make the blocks brighter or easier to see in some way

  11. It looks a lot more confusing than it really is. It is supposed to look intimidating, but it gets really easy to learn.

  12. I favor ball and cube, but i need to practice ship and wave because mobile. (Hardest is mastermind by hinds, but im going for Make it Drop)

  13. I have added glow to make the saws stick out less. The wave effect was also altered to be less out of place.

  14. In the area right before this there is a trigger orb that looks like a diamond. You have to press that to turn into a UFO.

  15. also having problems do not uninstall the game its on activisions end

  16. Well, this was the second time i opened it. It worked fine earlier today, but i just had a texture error and crash during a game and then this happened (i couldnt fit that into the post) And i said reinstall specifically because i have reinstalled warzone over 15 times because of errors. I had to factory reset my xbox once.

  17. After a series of unfortunate events and data loss, the level was deleted, and i am not up for recreating it. I am very sad it happened, but i have started another project because theres not much i can do.

  18. Done and done. My mans, you are amazing! It looks much better, thank you for the feedback :)

  19. Took me 2080 attempts, and I am working on Make It Drop as my first extreme

  20. I’m gonna be real with you, this isn’t it. It just looks like it adds clutter to the level and it seems to make it more confusing without adding much positive.

  21. I could try to unclutter it and add blending to see if that looks good

  22. That sounds good! Keep decorating, I think you have potential.

  23. why does it kinda look like a small neighborhood

  24. Thats pretty much what i was going for. I wanted an open-air multi-platform jungle base, and this is what happened

  25. You have to have xbox live or gamepass (which is dumb), but if you do, im not sure why you cant join a friends world.

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