1. I think W might be just a regular Sarkaz, if the term "regular Sarkaz" exists to begin with (there's a lot of sub-races/tribes, all of them differ from each other, and some of them don't even have horns).

  2. Well they're not Sarkaz anymore, I mean they even gained a halo now. Like what OP said, I don't think the Anasa would considered Sarkaz anymore, not even a subrace. They're a whole different race at this point, Jie Yun is not even classed as Sarkaz as well, while Warfarin (A Vampire) is still classified as her main relatives

  3. I knew it! I knew we were gonna get something about Arknights: Endfield sooner! But I didn't expect later! Just look! That's new! Never saw Perlica smile before!

  4. You... Actually make good points about what the "demons" and Seaborn might have been for. It actually makes sense. Now I'm wondering what the Aggelos (The robot race Perlica and her comrades will fight) might have been made for.

  5. Hmmm, from the looks of these, we're likely gonna get something about Arknights: Endfield sooner. It has to be, there's too many things that connect to that game. Really excited now to see where this goes.

  6. I think these on the pictures are anthropomorphic Liberi and not Beast Lords like Emperor or High Priest. Remember, the Beast Lords are just literal talking animals, in addition, the sizes of the Beast Lords are actually pretty accurate to what animal they are, while these guys are the size of a human.

  7. The first one looks like a badass you'll meet in a post-apocalyptic game. She needs to become playable.

  8. Nightmare Horses, (also known as Hell Horses) from Dungeons and Dragons.

  9. Fowlbeasts are probably the Terran variation of the chicken. Burdenbeasts might be the Terran equivalent of cows and Meatbeasts are likely Terran pigs, so beef and pork respectively.

  10. Yeah, but he was a terrible father. I'd rather have Patriot teach me than him

  11. Nah, not really, just you and maybe some other people probably, cuz I've already seen some people feel bad for the two of them already.

  12. Don't see a reason for feeling bad for them. Especially Alex. People could say that they feel bad for Misha, but she is stupid af and has a mind of a child so it was all her fault.

  13. Well, that's how I along with some others felt when they died, you and others don't, that's fine by me.

  14. Just like the models from the 3rd update, these ones absolutely look amazing. Great Job!👍❤️

  15. Oh so they're extinct already like Wendigos? Where is this mentioned?

  16. In the official Rhine Lab Manga, Diablos are extinct, but Wendigos are still alive, they're just critically endangered.

  17. Most Ægirs lack amphibian traits, according to what Specter says in Stultifera Navis (the only exceptions might be those with Seaborn blood, like the Hunters, Mizuki, and Highmore), and their homeland has cities with built-in domes.

  18. You can try to install Forsaken AR, it's a mod that makes FNaF AR good once again, it adds Lefty too.

  19. Well, yes. But the gods and other mystical beings on Terra seemingly take inspiration from those of our world.

  20. Well if we're talking about this particular member's Aegir form (I remember her name was Dan), I'm guessing the reason she looks like this is because she takes the traits of a Dunkleosteus, an extinct species of armored fish.

  21. I think the reason why she look like that is because she might take the traits of the Dunkleosteus, an armored fish that's currently extinct, which may explain her gray skin.

  22. He has guns? Really? Despite it being Laterano technology?

  23. Not all guns on Terra are manufactured by Laterano, some guns like Jessica's gun or Liskarm's gun are manufactured by Columbia, or Sesa's grenade launcher is manufactured on Sargon. Let's not forget that we even have more advanced guns that are not made from Laterano technology like Horn's giant blaster, the Iberian Hand Cannons of the Inquisitors or Skullshatterer's grenade launchers. Guns on Terra aren't just limited to the Sankta.

  24. 1 no gun, only originium firearms, which are actually wands in the appearance similar to a real life gun. Crossbows are crossbow, shields are shields, but all guns shaped things are not guns, and some of sword shaped things like Ch'en's Chi Xiao are not swords but wands.

  25. Are you implying no one gives a fuck about Crownslayer too?

  26. I'm not saying that, I'm saying that she and Skullshatterer are noticed by HG.

  27. I can definitely see this happening if Amiya were put into a pissing point. I can also imagine her killing all of Theresis' forces in Bayformers Optimus Prime style if they ever anger her.

  28. Never thought I'd see this, and... She's quite beautiful. Really beautiful! No wonder Noire likes her.

  29. Green eyes will always be one of the most beautiful eye colors alongside blue, yellow, and gray. To be honest, Kroos looks quite pretty with her eyes opened.

  30. The level where we have to evade the Daycare Attendant, the level where DJMM chases us and the Endoskeleton level will always be my favorites. They were the ones that scared me the most.

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