1. So you snitched. And you’re asking if you’re an AH?? What do you think??

  2. I didn’t see it like that. I saw it as informing property manager of this tenant having a dog that is not in the lease.

  3. Info: is it part of your job (working for maintenance) to check if a person put their pets on their lease?

  4. I’m already the asshole, so answering this question would make me more of the asshole. I’ll do it anyways.

  5. Unfortunately I cannot help and just passing by. As someone from California this makes me cringe due to the amount of water.

  6. It’s unlikely? Maybe, but not in LA / OC. It’s probably more common here than anywhere else in the world, outside of maybe NYC. My brother went to HS with a kid whose the youngest billionaire ever. I have friends who started $30m year companies at 22. There are plenty of rappers, actors, tech people, startup founders and athletes here who make that.

  7. You sound very privileged and seem to lack understanding of the difference between those in poverty vs those in the middle class vs those in the upper class. You need a reality check.

  8. I’m 28 years old, yes total baby boomer. For sure, I’ll give you that I am very privileged, I’ve had a ridiculously lucky life - my dad did very well and I started a highly successful business at 20.

  9. You don’t have a different perspective. You are privileged. I don’t care who you hire and what stories you’ve heard. Those stories are the hardships others went through to get where they are today. You heard those stories, you never went through them.

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