My younger brother got kicked out of Sunday School for saying Spider-Man is morally better than God.

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

An amazing showing.

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  1. Is anyone else heaps shit with the new mythic? I miss 90% of the time but get absolutely railed with it.

  2. Idk, I haven’t missed with it, and sometimes I lose complete site of them. Are you on pc or consol?

  3. Literally have never seen an ad of any kind in this app. I’m sure it’s annoying but remember when we all paid $100+ a month for cable and had 3 minutes of unskippable ads every 10 minutes? Those were some wild times.

  4. It’s time to move past this archaic system. You’re right. Corporations don’t need labor. They need drones. Automation. We have progressed past the point of using people for menial tasks. Let’s free the people and put the machines to work. Find a new way for commerce, beyond selling your time and body for necessities.

  5. This reminds me of my situation. My ex wife and I divorced in 2019. I live a few hours away from her, she has primary custody of our kids (14m 10m). One day in 2020, when we were meeting for handoff, I noticed a little Q sticker on the back of her car. I asked her about it. She said she didn’t know where it came from. Just showed up on her car. (I immediately did not believe this)

  6. I hope it’s a skin that has 13 different styles. You can choose which doctor. And a tardis glider where you hang off of it like 11 in day of the doctor.

  7. Sir, there are people who can help. Find an addiction hotline. It doesn’t need to be like this.

  8. No, you can see tiny bits near the ears where the dye got on his skin

  9. Lol. I would never deface my little guy. Just some good ol fashioned photoshop.

  10. Me realizing he looks like a thirteen year old tumblr addict who only drinks monster and will shout at controllers until 5 in the morning, and post some very strange tiktoks where he tries to do a thirst trap but ends up making his girlfriend mad, so she breaks up with him and now he yells at the controller until 6 in the morning and drinks more monster and spends 700 dollars to be a streamer and ends up being a big flop but that doesn't matter because his mommy still loves him, and his blue hair. (no offense to anyone who fits this description, but...)

  11. So adorable! It’s just funny because I have a cat that looks exactly like this, and also a dog named Chloe. So it was quite confusing to see. Lol.

  12. Downloaded and works great. Would love a sign in feature so I can get my recommended and saved videos. Keep on updating! I’ll leave a nice review as well.

  13. Not to mention selling human teeth, like Danny mentioned in his wish.com video. Honestly, I wondered if Drew hadn’t been posting as much because he got a writing job at LWT.

  14. I knew I was forgetting one. But I didn’t wanna watch the whole 20 minute video again just to find the one reference I was forgetting.

  15. Mine shipped as well! Also, I love that no one is mentioning that it says Danny instead of Drew.

  16. That's from the one where Drew reacted to his old videos he made when he was a kid, which he privated/deleted.

  17. Thank you! I’ve been driving myself crazy watching every video trying to find it. I had been thinking it was at the beginning, but when I didn’t find it I started looking through the ends too.

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