1. Flower that is clean and pesticide free is always a Winner winner chicken dinner 🎊🎊

  2. Riviera Creek provided me with excellent customer service and I will be purchasing their products again.

  3. I really enjoy this thread. I find it very helpful to be able to look at different products and read the different opinions of people. I hope the mods can fix it.

  4. I really enjoyed this product.

  5. Went back and picked up 2 more jars. It's so good πŸ‘πŸ½

  6. Haven't tried the starfighter but I was told to try the mint gelato. Let me know when you get it...lol I am like a kid in a candy store when I find something good πŸ‘πŸ½

  7. Weird you say that. Love klutch as any of my posts will suggest, but this latest drop of Catfish compared to the last one a couple months back is totally different and in a bad way. Foul. Sucks man but something def was off this last drop of Klutch. Sherbhead seemed different too.

  8. Klutch Sherbhead was very different and I was very disappointed in my last 2 purchases as well. I recently heard and I'm not sure how true this is that Klutch changed their pesticide list.

  9. That doesn’t even look like sherbhead

  10. My thoughts exactly πŸ’―. Didn't taste like it either πŸ˜•

  11. I hate paying full price for subpar products πŸ˜’

  12. My only concern would be the packagaing date from 7 months ago. Cannabis flowers can last up to 18 months in such conditions, losing potency after around six to nine months of being in the jar. (It begins to lose its aroma and potency.) It is generally advisable to use fresh cannabis flower within six months, as most people cannot keep them in optimal conditions without fluctuations in temperature and humidity. But your bud looks πŸ”₯πŸ€ͺπŸ€”.

  13. Pretty citrus danky on the nose…and very sweet sugary flavors. I love it. Maybe my new favorite from Standard…formerly Headband!

  14. I was very pleased with the effects and flavor. Good ⛽️

  15. Just picked this up and it is really good with great effects. One hit had me feeling it. Good ⛽️

  16. Just picked this up and it is most definitely fire. I was surprised how good it is. Great effects tooπŸ’ͺ🏾

  17. Woodward is my favorite cultivator in the program. Just wish it came in half oz 14.15g.

  18. Looks fire.πŸ”₯ I will give it a try...

  19. I was really disappointed in this batch of dosido. I usually get the 2.8 jars but decided to get the 8.49 jar and hated it instantly. Super dry little to no flavor...One of the worst purchases I have made.

  20. Yes! Ok im def gonna complain then β€” mind asking where you bought yours?

  21. My only complaint is that I absolutely hate the half oz bags from klutch. These old dinosaur hands are always ripping the bag. Lol For the price I would love to see a glass jar in the future. But other then that these compact, dense buds provide a beautiful landscape of colors ranging from light greens to dark purples underneath a layer of icy trichomes. Ice Cream Cake flavor profile is like no other, with the strong taste of gas from Wedding Cake giving way to a sweet, creamy, vanilla berry flavor that will leave you craving more. Great effects and excellent for pain relief.

  22. I always cut those bags, I put everything in little mason jars, they’re cheap.

  23. Same here. Plus it keeps it from drying up.

  24. How do you like the taste and effects on that 3 Point Turn? I am thinking about picking some up...Thanks

  25. It is okay in the effects department but I really like the flavor profile. It has a sweet fruitful terp flavor almost reminds me of a grape πŸ‡ candy.

  26. If it's happening multiple times, then Caveat Emptor: Buyer Beware. Work out the math before going in and never leave surprised. If they haven't (mis)programmed the tax base into their system, then they are forced to type in the rate by hand each sale. That's a very error-prone process and so last century. You will need to arrive prepared and look out for yourself.

  27. After careful review of additional receipts from the same dispensary. My CPA has confirmed that there is a sales tax error. I have been advised to report this matter to the state auditor.

  28. After careful review of additional receipts from the same dispensary. My CPA has confirmed that there is a sales tax error. I have been advised to report this matter to the state auditor.

  29. Bro. I have exactly the same thing from herbology. What did you do to get money back.

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