[UK] Liz Truss to resign as Prime Minister, Sky News understands

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[Pelissero] The #Panthers fired Matt Rhule.

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  1. Cowboys fan dropping in as the game was on.... WOW! Congrats Jags! T-Law looked incredible on that last drive!

  2. Is that the santa Monica promenade?

  3. I’ll take the Eagles getting humbled at home against Washington.

  4. nobody’s getting humbled, these refs just killed a go-ahead drive. it’s bullshit, if that face mask gets called the game isn’t just different, it’s probably over by now

  5. I don’t disagree. Refs have been trash

  6. Why does Kyle Shanahan look like a Sith Lord on the sidelines

  7. who actually likes the mid-game coach interviews where they say the same 5ish lines

  8. McCarthy with a terrible call to go for it there, yikes.

  9. If this game ends with Brett Maher’s right foot spontaneously combusting I quit

  10. So this election turned into a red dew drop, got it.

  11. Oh look, it’s me, falling in love with Abby Phillip again as is tradition every two years

  12. Red nasal drip. They might want to see a doctor.

  13. Sean was about as coherent as the Saints offense tonight.

  14. Sean is about as boring as The Clapper. It all makes sense now

  15. Rams have deep problems, they could fall even further and quickly too

  16. Get ready boys… the sun is about to set on either Brady or the reigning SB champs.

  17. Gotta say I’m happy for the Jets!

  18. If the Pack win this game I will buy a Mason Crosby jersey

  19. Seriously NBC? A dramatic zoom in of the tunnel?

  20. I’m starting to think Diggs and Alexander don’t like each other

  21. The thing is Justin Fields has actually had a great game today

  22. Who is the Bears’ HC again? Not being funny, I really have no clue who that guy is

  23. Holy cow, it’s Eberflus?! Did not recognize him

  24. Teams are scoring touchdowns on TNF?!

  25. Why are any social teams in 2022 replying on corporate accounts from their phones?

  26. Okay, let's make outlandish bets for the new PM.

  27. Welp, that’s game. GG ya filthy birds, see ya next time

  28. I cannot for the life of me think why you’d go for 2 there lol

  29. California is not a swing state, but we do have two sports gambling props in play this fall so our commercials go: “online gaming wants to cause more addiction” followed by “DRAFT KINGZ—where the over dogs at” before “if you have a gambling problem call this number”

  30. Down here it’s Bass v. Caruso mudslinging at least

  31. Help I’m starting to hate Josh Allen and I don’t know why

  32. The stadium sounds near dead silent. Sounds like a baseball game

  33. Amazon: Yo I heard you like Amazon so I’m gonna put Amazon brand ads in your Amazon branded game

  34. That’s my favorite commercial stout. Fun fact it’s also nick offermans favorite as well.

  35. Well damn. That makes me love it even more

  36. I work for Trader Joe’s, and I will say that while 95% of the store’s products are the same coast-to-coast, beer is super-regional, and that’s no exception with TJ’s. While we warehouse and distribute nearly everything on our own, beer is the exception, thus the heavy regionality. About a third to half of our beer (Simpler Times, all the Josefbrau stuff … or is it Josephbrau?, etc.) is universal, but the rest is local from local distributors, thus inconsistent regional availability.

  37. Makes a ton of sense! I’m in the greater LA area, and it seems like our market is ripe with the SD/Miramar locals.

  38. Most new-ish coaches are given a pretty long leash to turn things around.

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