1. Former friends bought our son at 18 months old a drum for Christmas. He pounded on it so much that they hid it on him while we were visiting their house. Needless to say, at home, it only came out on occasions.

  2. do you know how the Aryas compare to these two? I could try pick up a used pair

  3. After EQing to the Harman curve, the Aryas sounded almost identical to the Editions and the Focal Clears in our testing.

  4. I have the Edition XS. They are wonderful. We recently listened to a number of high end phones at a shop in Toronto. I brought along my A & K player in which I had created Harman curves for each of the phones we auditioned.

  5. This is a decent gaming computer setup for an excellent price. As a vendor, I've sold dozens of "refurbished and scratch and dent and open box" computers from the Dell Outlet. The vast majority have been indistinguishable from new, and of course come with the standard warranty.

  6. Sounds like the prop shaft is bend and is causing the motor to bind. The big hint to me is "after a crash."

  7. My Air 2S batteries are made by Dongguan. All of these batteries say, "Authorized by SZ DJI Technologies." So, I would imagine, like computer manufacturers, other vendors make the batteries on contract to spec.

  8. I've found over the years that there seems to be some variation in Ethernet plugs. Maybe you could ask a friend or dig through a box of spare cables to see if one fits.

  9. This is just a long shot - but does your GPS setup have permission to access the port or location the data is being stored? Either on your computer or the network,...

  10. B & H Photo and Video seems to have a lot of options. Although a clamp-on might not be a safe way to support something so big and heavy.

  11. It might be that the flexible surround has ripped/torn on one of the speaker elements.

  12. Proof positive that one person can make all the difference in your life.

  13. Those are expansion plugs allowing you to add hardware to your setup. It's nice you have them. I've worked on Dells where I had to buy extra plug cables to add hard drives.

  14. Very nice! I can see this making a scene in a Bollywood movie.

  15. I was very pleased to see that the list of games wasn't an endless list of online/computer games.

  16. Something similar happened to me. I ordered my Air 2S from Amazon and when it arrived, the DJI box for the drone was empty. The box is heavy, so someone probably bought it, stole it and returned the empty box for a refund and no one at Amazon checked it.

  17. As a demo unit - a "buyer" might not be able to register the drone with DJI and fly it.

  18. I don't understand. When the RC is telling you it's time to come home, it calculates the power required to return including flying against windy conditions and land with 10-15% reserve.

  19. It might be stolen and can't fly because the previous owner didn't de-register the drone.

  20. Well - I've owned several Sigma lenses and that one is fairly highly regarded. The f2.8 wide open aperture is a big plus especially for astro shooting.

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