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  1. Okay, I literally laughed out loud reading this title. Fucked up as he may be, Dick hasn't changed at all in the last 14 years 🤣🤣

  2. Start by looking at the ingredient list looking for anything sugar or sugar related. Below is a list I pulled form some site of various names for sweeteners. You don't really have to memorize it, just know the patterns. Anything that has sugar in the name, syrup, nectar, cane, *trose, *tose, or anything that kind of sounds like those. If you read through the list a couple times you'll probably notice these things start to jump out when you look at labels.

  3. I had to Google where Bahrain even was, and I still don't know if I'm happy or not

  4. How does one experiment with DMT though? I've had a breakthrough on my first try two years ago and it definitely put me in place. Even after all of this time, I respect it so much that I don't feel the need to repeat the experience yet.

  5. Well if I had to guess, I've taken dmt with varying doses probably around 80 time in the last year and a half

  6. As someone currently going through mood disorders, depression, and anxiety- are there any indicators of schizophrenia? I’m almost 20 and I have definitely abused LSD, Mushrooms, and DMT. I havent used the later in almost two years, and LSD in a few months. Worried I have fried myself and am going to develop schizophrenia, as my uncle has it.

  7. I also suffer from moments of severe depression and anxiety. These things are not indicators of schizophrenia. As for it being in your family, go to a doctor, get tested. It will be very important information to know if you have. Also tell them about your drug use. They will know how to move forward if you do get diagnosed, and are legally obligated not to tell anyone else what you told them (unless you're from outside the US, im not sure how laws vary from country to country and you should look up your own countries laws).

  8. Better than basing my moral of TOS of private companies.

  9. Lol I mean porn sites are technically private companies

  10. Yeah based on what you're saying this is somewhat lowkey racist. You seem to be stereotyping Asian women into being a certain way while also saying other non Asian women aren't that way. Also confirmation bias as well. I don't think race and skin color of a woman has anything to do with her personality.

  11. I don't really think of them acting a certain way at all. I've met many different asian women with different personalities, interests, etc. It's specifically a physical thing. If they're attractive but have a shit personality, then I'd avoid them

  12. So it does sound like you are Demisexual. As far as genders/femininity being involved you should check out Varioriented and

  13. This is awesome. Thanks for putting this together for me. I kinda figured I had something different compared to what I've seen from others. This all just sounds so right. Like I finally have terms for things I never knew how to explain before

  14. So what we can take from this is that you are sex positive and are likely Alloromantic and view sex as something between people with a bond/relationship. It doesn’t tell us your sexual attraction straight up so we need more info.

  15. Usually I dont feel much until I have been with them for awhile. I'm attracted to women primarily, although occasional overlap to men or trans so long as there is a feminine identity to it. But it's pretty rare for anything other than cis women. However, the attraction isn't inherently sexual. I'm not sure how to describe it, but ive met people I have found to be attractive but have had absolutely no desire for them sexually. I do have a fetish that slightly gets me aroused whenever I hear about it, but it's more of a situational thing instead of the actual people. Other than that, the only way I become sexually attracted is when I spend a fair amount of time getting to know another person. Hookups or one night stands are kinda impossible for me

  16. So long as you grow that facial hair out again, love the bun

  17. I've always liked his look with an afro. Wish it was one of his more staple looks

  18. Idk, I thought 2020s winter was probably the worst I've seen.

  19. Wow... I hope this artist has a neverending line of this. She is so hot esp getting fucked by futas all day and especially her outfit 😍

  20. Incase is awesome. Should check out their whole catalog of stuff

  21. You can usually find them online. Mine is the njoy pure wand. 120 dollars to get it though, but I Absolutely love it. I've heard great things about other njoy products, especially the eleven. If your new to experimenting, I'd star with some cheaper products. My first toy was the phanxy. It's a great product that both vibrates and does a finger like electronic movement, and it only costs like 30 dollars. Make sure to get a bottle of lube too. Removes all the tension then going raw dogged

  22. Would I be able to find lube at a store like Walgreens, I have heard I can

  23. I wouldn't be surprised. But I just got a bottle off Amazon. The brands called lube life, and it does the job perfectly

  24. Okay, so I have done this and it actually does feel incredible. However, it hurts to pee for like the next 24 hours

  25. I really don't understand why people are sad about this. Season 1 was one of the greatest things to ever come out of storytelling. Id be willing to wait another 6 years to see that happen again. This is something that is completely worth the wait

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