1. Constant helicopter over Allston area today, anyone know what for?

  2. I just came here to ask, a second one just flew past and I heard tons of sirens a little while back. The Citizen app had its problems by nature but it was nice to know what was going on at times like these

  3. Yup, I really enjoy Moffat's writing, but he prefers the cool, the larger than life, a lone character defying death through unique brilliance, competence and willpower. RTD I feel celebrates the ordinary, the flawed everyman standing up to overwhelming odds, which doesn't make them invulnerable but - with humour, friendship and decency - proves to be enough. Moffat will give you operatic scale duels of wits and superheroic characters: Sherlock, Dracula, River Song, Doctors and companions fighting for centuries and millenia to get their beloved back. RTD will give you Mickey Smith who defeats an alien with pickles, and a flight attendant who saves the universe.

  4. I think you just described what I loved about Doctor Who and RTD’s era completely. It’s been a decade since I watched current episodes and the community’s perspective on the differences has clarified really well.

  5. I think this is true. Moffat never does death, but doesn't do beauty and wonder and enjoyment as well as RTD.

  6. I always found RTD’s work to be more beautiful and hopeful than Moffat’s for this reason. It’s in the contrast between tragedy and heartwarming that makes you feel the depth of existence and makes for a powerful story.

  7. It’s so strange that it seems only certain types of women are Die hard fans of Gizz; I have come across a few doofuses who have told me I have taken a “wrong turn” when I was walking up to the Berkeley Greek a few months ago.

  8. I clarify my asshattery: there’s no mold Gizzheads come from. I’ve seen plenty of fans from all spectrums and it is divine.

  9. I haven’t convinced the men and non binary folk around me so I really do not believe it’s a gender issue. I’m so tired of hearing it reduced to such, it makes me feel othered in these sorts of communities.

  10. Agreed, I’ll usually avoid any US based group using the term “Asatru” because of the Asatru Folk Assembly aka the AFA tarnishing the term

  11. I found an Asatru group (not sure if they’re still active) in my city who were all “We strongly believe Asatru is the sacred heritage religion of people of Norse descent and that this religion is only for us. However, exceptions exist and all are open to joining. But Asatru is only meant for us of Norse descent so keep this in mind.” I think it’s the most thinly veiled attempt that I’ve ever seen.

  12. All true but none of that is really what you were saying in your first post. Other poster is correct, Nine's hadn't been prophesized.

  13. I always interpreted Ten’s big send off as a bit meta. RTD was leaving the show he’d rebooted, Moffat was coming in, show vibe and production style changed so much in between. Tardis, characters who drifted through all four seasons, all changed. Ten’s dramatic send kind of felt like a goodbye for that first era of New Who.

  14. Wow, I just started rewatching for the first time in years and had no idea about Noel Clarke. That’s a night ruiner.

  15. Last year we did the day after Valentine’s day and it was great. Close enough that it doesn’t feel like you pushed it back but you’re not paying double for reservations and dealing with slammed kitchens. The Abbey in Brookline probably fits your needs.

  16. I got on a car with these too! Except we didn’t have it half and half, the entire back car was full fabric seats. I double guessed everything I knew about the different T lines for a second.

  17. The eastern United States really seems to be a safe zone from earthquakes. No matter how strong it is, it doesn't exceed five.

  18. Ah, and the earthquake event that could have triggered it was located near Africa and had a magnitude of ~7.7.

  19. We still don’t know what triggered the early 1800’s quake series in New Madrid, though, which another person linked.

  20. I've been using stainless steel pans for a while. They do suck at eggs though. Quite sticky unless you spend a lot of time to do it right. But they're very good at everything else.

  21. Not at all. Carbon steel is amazing and nonstick for eggs if you use it right. Oil and season it correctly in the oven when new, and when you cook eggs get the pan hot enough that water sizzles when you flick it on the surface. When we keep ours oiled and get it hot it’s perfect nonstick eggs all day.

  22. The fan in the court house jury pool is a constant roar of the most ungodly screech known to man

  23. another 6.0+ aftershock reported after that.

  24. I would prefer seeing Fraiser in stay Seattle for continuity, but as a Bostonian — what on earth do you have against our city that’s so strict you’re offended? I swear, New Yorkers seem to be the only ones consumed by a Boston-NYC rivalry. They’re different places with different characteristics, and not comparable cities by any means, speaking as someone who’s entire family is from NYC.

  25. I printed out someone’s “Which Niles Are You” chart and made magnets for my partner and I like the “today I feel” signs. Mine is usually on this Niles.

  26. Those don’t look like any pine needles I’ve ever seen. I’m guessing you don’t live in white pine territory?

  27. My doc switched me to Vyvanse, it’s more closely related to Adderall than Ritalin or Concerta. I actually do much better on it than the TEVA generic dextro. I’m super lucky my insurance covers it. Is this something you could discuss with them? Sorry this is happening.

  28. I filled prescriptions in dozens states when I used to travel for work. Shouldn’t be an issue from a legal perspective, but it’s anyones guess if the shortage exists down there as well. Might be able to call some pharmacies down there and check. Wouldn’t mention you are from out of state on the call since it doesn’t really matter.

  29. ADHD meds and other controlled substances are notoriously difficult to fill since you can’t just transfer the prescription and pick it up wherever. My ex had to get his meds mailed by his mom during college because his provider was out of state and either the insurance or the laws would not allow it filled out of state. OP may need to try an entirely new script sent to a specific FL pharmacy and see if that would work.

  30. Is anyone else still waiting on their tax return? I know back in December people were receiving late checks despite doing direct deposit but I still haven’t got any sign of mine.

  31. Your last post brought out one passionate type of person, the next post brought out the other. It’s so classic reddit that you’ve got to laugh it off or else you’ll cry.

  32. Spell jar guides are a (free)dime a dozen all over the internet. Modern spell jars as they’re utilized today are a recent phenomenon, and if you want solid, detailed info on witch bottles or ornaments I’d suggest specific folk magic books. Writing books on spell jars for beginners has clickbait written all over it imo. They are not complex enough to warrant a $14 book.

  33. The sentiment that “we created the gods” would seem to fit my framework the best, but sometimes this argument strays closer to “deities aren’t real” and “they’re all just psychological archetypes we use to explain things” than I’m personally comfortable with, having come from that skeptical framework originally. Sometimes “we created the gods” arguments center humanity more than they should, and the point of paganism to me is the realization that humans are one blip in the biological world that got genetically lucky enough to do . . . gestures wildly all this. Imo it’s self important hubris to believe both that deities are autonomous, divine spirits & that humans created them because it assumes humans are more important or powerful than other biological creatures. Why no octopi gods? If you take the egrigore route it explains itself, but I’m not certain I believe that either.

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