1. Athena's third skill should block ranged auto attack if you or a ally is inside. And also should knockback enemys that are inside in the second hit

  2. When ur ult is in the wall, and the time runs out, he will drop the ult in the last non wall position. I inow that u get a frame outside the wall in the jg( that give u the chance to drop the ult) but that frame is just one frame and u have ping. In the game u still in the wall

  3. It’s odd tho because I didn’t run out of time on the ult, and normally if you try to manually land on a wall it just doesn’t activate at all. 🤔

  4. I agree with both points mentioned. however notice that when your ult leaves the wall, you instantly press to exit the ult, for you, you are off the wall, which allowed you to ult, but for the game you were still on the wall. this happens due to ping. if you had waited a little longer to get off the ult, this "bug" wouldn't have happened

  5. my comment will be based on nothing because I don't know you, but if I were to take a guess, you care a lot about winning and losing in ranked, when you're in your main it goes up more to your head, the pressure to win , which ends up making you a worse player, stress and the like. in smurf you play with a more open mind, without the fear of losing because you are smurf, which makes you play better

  6. How do you get to spectate modem? Does this work on Xbox / consoles

  7. "Diamond plus" ranked matches have replay enabled. That thing happens on console aswell

  8. U can get pridwen explosion dmg on horus if he dies before landing the ultimate, because ult goes on CD without getting the shield from the ult, kinda weird shit, i miss pridwen on horus.

  9. You play support, because you support main

  10. hello, in Smite I am `CarlySlayJ`. I find that this combination of names would really POP

  11. I have a friend with the name "SelenaGomez". Insta GM joust if we pt ;p

  12. Its really fun, see the enemy dashing totaly scary and u in the air like(i read u like a book).

  13. If u go purple>lane, try to start with ur 2, go a little bit early to lane, use ur 2 in the lane to kill the pantom and get solo xp for that, when u and ur adc kill the first wave, u gonna be lvl 2 first. And lvl2 herc early on duo is kinda good

  14. Honestly, I love the "Potato" "Botato" on the relics....if I'm reading that correctly .

  15. Its "botão" that means button in ebglish, i use my relics on the side buttons of my mouse.

  16. I respect the build. My buddy accidently picked vulcan solo thinking he was mid so I decieded to meme as neith support with guardians blessing, thebes, reinforced greeves, frostbound, shoguns, sov and it was fun as hell

  17. Its so fun to do stuff like that, i am a really try hard person in smite, so i only pick the top supports. When i do things like anhur adc, is literraly a new word for me. Ps: try chronos 64 wirh 3 moviment items, 3 defensive items, and spam laugh

  18. Oof, I hate this build way more for Support.

  19. It’s been a while since I’ve heard the reason but something about how shields don’t stack

  20. If u use a shield skill when pridwen is active, u insta explode the pridwen shield Ex:odin's 2 or erlang's 3. In the case of nike and horus, both gods gains the shield skill on the ultimate, that procs in the exatcly time of the pridwen shield, because of this, pridwen shield not even proc.

  21. That Hou yi just acted like nothing happened.

  22. He is my duo and i only play horus, he got used with that

  23. i’ve played with you before and either you were having a bad game or you were trolling

  24. Whats is ur GT?Do u renember my pick? 100% a bad match, im switching to mouse keyboard and jesus, i play like a clown some times with that.

  25. The sound of the third skill and the ult love it too

  26. I have 1k matchs with this boy and dont have a penta with him, 😭

  27. Also on rare occasions, the knockup height of his updraft seems to decrease. cannot confirm that tho, and might be a side effect of Tyr's hotfix

  28. I can see the with precision when i a play tonight, i dont play with horus this patch yet.

  29. I do that all the time with horus, fakeing my 2, its cool as hell

  30. I'll be honest, I thought I was the only one who does this. It's nice seeing other Horus's actually using their ults like this

  31. Okami :3, its me the nine stars with horus that send u a PM on twitter. Pray for us( horus mains) :3

  32. I don’t even think I’ve played that many games altogether lol

  33. No bro I believe you, and I was congratulating you, I’m saying I need to step my game up and play more games. Ik like half the Smite community probably have more than like 3k games played. Sorry if it seemed like I was making a joke about it.

  34. I know that u believe me, when i say"u not even believe me" i try to say that this bug happens to me yersteday, and i got another bug that i cant fly in my ult, i recorded this new bug, put a link ↑ (sorry for my poor english).

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