1. It may be presumptuous to imagine anyone is going to read all that.

  2. Like Hitler watching black people win medals at the Olympics.

  3. This is the same parent that will tell the child to go pet a wild buffalo in Yellowstone

  4. Time to swim with the alligators at Disney World!

  5. 'It's unfortunate that you find our money to be toxic'.

  6. Cannibal jokes always leave a bad taste in my mouth, just like their dinner parties.

  7. Oh boy, that first one didn't age well. Did she not learn from that?

  8. 'It really hurts that you think my money and I are toxic. I'll help you pack your things.'

  9. Why would anyone pay 350$ to make it harder to do pretty much everything?

  10. As long as the kid isn't hurt, it's hilarious.

  11. Forgive the gentle inquiry, but did you suffer a horrible head injury?

  12. Another shit story about books being 'banned' because they're deemed unnecessary or inappropriate to be taught to young children.

  13. 'Belly of the whale' is actually pretty deep for an offhand insult.

  14. Zombie Jesus wants to eat your brain and your soul.

  15. How can you make a shitload of money on a proxy war if you don't even send weapons?

  16. I got people on other message boards asking for a link to this source.

  17. Our society just keeps getting better and better!

  18. Overall, the internet has made the world a worse place.

  19. Looks like they're inside the bubble of virtuous fear.

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