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  1. You sort of have to trick it sometimes. Tell it to pretend, create or describe what you one.

  2. People are perfectly capable of understanding, they just don't care to. The internet is all about sensationalism and bandwagon opinions and herd mentality. Cancel culture is a very clear symptom of that.

  3. I wonder how long it is before the treasuries or the bond markets go "no bid"...rapidly taps desk

  4. They are preparing the ground to blame the next recession on someone/something else.

  5. Thats some freaking wrinklebrain you got there. I did not see this. But so obvious when you point it out

  6. BuT tHe WhOLe EcOnOmY wOuLdVe CoLLaPseD aNd wE WOULdVe HaD aNoThEr DePrEsSiOn!!

  7. Oddly enough i saw this prediction on twitter today.

  8. If you need more reasons to hate the gop after t rump, putin, insurrection, womens rights, rights in general etc etc... then here you go. Kenny boy g loves his gop.

  9. Are you saying that because of “taxes” you had to sell your $10 investment of “other stock” for what I can only assume was between $1 - $9 total? 😂

  10. Nah its cause I bought it with money invested in an ira when I didn't have a job and couldn't contribute. What a mess.

  11. I've had dreams of a woman I love but she wasn't my wife. Not quite as complex and storied as yours.

  12. I've had snake dreams before. Many times where the entire floor area is covered in venomous ones. Not a fun dream. I dont know what yours or mine means. You have my sympathy.

  13. Shut up and take my money :) I have thought this would be a good idea for a while. Just don't have the drive to bring it to fruition and here you are, you did all the work for me. Rest assured I will be trying it tonight after work.

  14. Therapy. You sound depressed. Not getting out of bed in the morning was one of my signature behaviors. Not wanting to get up, but also feeling miserable being in bed. Wanting desperately to fall back asleep to dull my feelings.

  15. Therapy... the continual throw away when nobody has any answers. In the immortal words of Melvin Udall,"What if this is as good as it gets?"

  16. Take care of YOU is #1! You can’t take care of kids if you don’t take care of you. Second, get a GREAT family lawyer, get into therapy, and don’t settle for less than 50/50 custody!

  17. You cannot put a $ amount or value on your kids or your health!

  18. Same issue but the last week. Started around the middle or end of the week. Then I went for a drive across michigan. My destination was a cabin but its close to a cell tower. About half a year ago I went there and turned on mobile access point on my account and was able to stream movies on amazon and Netflix for two days.

  19. Lol there are definitely juniors out there who simply cannot progress because they have no talent. Frustrating as all hell

  20. I have no talent. And can't progress. 6 years in. Kill me now.

  21. I couldn't break in. But what I see and read is first you need a bunch of years of experience in game dev then you need to get a job as a lowly game tester and only after that can you actually break in.

  22. Melvin is broke, investigate citadel then ill care.

  23. According to Google we blew right through 180 and hit 191.96 (47.99)

  24. If I were a sucker for popcorn this would make me sell so fast...

  25. Mostly agree. The trick though, for GME and players, is to take this away from the game companies by demanding it be blockchain/nft. We, gamers, need to take this idea and shove it down their throats. Right now if I were Gamestop and RC, I would be building INDIE useable assets and kits which allow users to generate content for those indie games and then sell them on the market. Tools that make importing of those assets into the games dirt simple. And attach the indie companies involved to every asset so they rake in 1% on every transaction.

  26. Just how deep do you have to be to tweet something like this. Is he even going to have anything left? I agree with the op subject. Literally there isn't a single thing someone could write to more clearly show just how deep they are in on the wrong side.

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