1. I've always considered it to be want to and would like to. Würde gern is more formal.

  2. You get about 0.4 psi increase per foot of elevation. If you are placing the tank 11" off the ground and the midpoint of the tank is 2' up, you are looking at a 1.2 psi. As long as you are watering at ground level and 1.2 is enough, you are fine. If the water goes below midpoint, you will have less pressure (down to 3/4 psi) You have to measure the difference in water height between the tank and outlet. Water will flow uphill under pressure Your water pipe should be in the 1/2-3/4" range. You're not looking at enough volume for larger pipes.

  3. It's the time of the year. Late winter is slow. Hours will pick up in spring. Welcome to part time.

  4. Was it hot enough before you put in the tankless water heater? If so, you don't need to adjust it. You should raise the temperature of the heater.

  5. Has the paint bubbled or is it actually water behind the paint?

  6. These look like compression fittings. There should be a ring around the pipe that holds the nuts on and makes the fitting waterproof. Sometimes you can work the ring off. Other times, the pipe has swollen and has to be cut off. You don't have a lot of room between the nut and the wall so you don't want to cut the pipe if you can avoid it.

  7. Sleep on the plane. When you get to Venice, transportation to European time. Don't go to bed before 10 or so and get up normal time in the morning. IMO, it's better to get up in the new time zone.

  8. How does she sleep at night? Specially constructed mattress?

  9. Not normal. You need to have a cutoff at the appliance.

  10. Feinwasch, wolle or seide all show hand washing. I would choose the silk setting.

  11. Last thing a low budget theater production needs is for someone to knick their carotid artery while trying to pose in DIY fridge costume.

  12. You wouldn't have to be much of an actor to pull that one off.

  13. We traveled to Germany with a one year old, to Italy and Oktoberfest when he was three and a couple of times to Disney world. It's all about their timeline. Don't try to do too much. Have a busy day followed by a slow day. Include them in your plans. It can be trying but don't stress too much.

  14. I was in a language class in Washington. There were only four of us; two of equal rank and a higher ranking officer and our teacher. At the beginning of the class, I asked the officer if we could use du or should we use Sie with him. I don't think he understood the context, but I used du with the instructor and Sie with him for the next two weeks. Officially, you use Sie with acquaintances and older people. Du is used in family and with children and pets. Unofficially, people of a younger age use du with each other, even in office settings. Ask the person if you can use du with them. Traditionally, this might not happen for years after meeting them.

  15. Even 40 years ago, it was popular to earn your driver's license while on summer holiday and convert it to a German license when you returned. It cost less and you got a vacation. My parents had an exchange student who stayed over after school ended to get a driver's license in the US and transfer it to a German driver's license after she flew back. Like anything else, it's about money and limiting the cars on the road.

  16. If you can, go to Germany and talk to people your own age. I've met many and improved my speaking ability at the same time.

  17. You have to learn the articles with the corresponding nouns. There are general rules, but usually the words are usually learned together. Not Frau takes "die" but "die Frau". Foreign words and diminutive words take "das" is a lot harder than using "das Mädchen" or "das Email".

  18. Flooring department gets all the good pallets. Insulation aisle, not so good.

  19. Freight and pro desk are also options for a consistent schedule. Our store has been transitioning associates off of a set schedule.

  20. I’ve been with HD 10 years, DH 6 years. Most new hires in our store are less than 2$ under me… feels shitty

  21. But you'll make up for it with success sharing, right?

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