1. Stuff I can see in game over lore statements any day, but y'all scale however you want, not my business

  2. I think it's somewhere in the mountain-country range if you don't dabble in the "universal" dmc stuff.

  3. Ghost Rider getting rid of lobo, but he had to blast a huge hole in China, potentially claiming the lives of millions.

  4. Millions of what? No lives would actually lost cause it's entirely fictional

  5. Dragon Xia isn't real gamers. He's just a big puss who prefers anything but throwing hands even if he's somewhat good at it

  6. It's entirely due to Xia's mindset. At this point, he's been forced into a corner by several fighters and is now using his innate talent and genetic strength. Which is something he doesn't do often, if at all cause he's a huge puss and prefers either letting his henchman do all the work or with sneak attacks using his hidden weapons. Only time we see Xia willing to fight is with Koga back when he was at his weakest, and Xia could easily win.

  7. Really hate the term "Dragon Mode" when mentioning Xia like it's some sorta transformation, feels like people saw Ji take out Akoya and Ryuki and immediately assumed he was going through some metamorphosis when it's clear that his own natural martial arts talent and a fearful rush of adrenaline led him to fight some B-tier and a justice-crazed man who is showing a decline in fighting capabilities.

  8. The martial arts talent and fearful adrenaline is exactly what people are calling dragon mode. It's when Xia goes from a sloppy mid tier at best to someone who can handle higher tiers than him with relative ease out of the sheer focus and extra effort he gains from his desire to survive.

  9. But it's not a transformation, the reason Xia is usually a sloppy mid tier is because he doesn't fight against people like Akoya or Koga with his own skills and techniques. He let's other people do the work for him like with his plethora of goons or with his arsenal of hidden weapons. "Dragon Mode" is just Xia being forced to go fisticuffs with people cause his other options were nullified, not some Kanoh esque personality switch. It's just him his own natural abilities when he's pushed into a corner, and because his an abysmal fighter compared to other guys in his class, he'll get shitstomped by guys like Koga.

  10. Why hasn't this stuff been banned yet? I mean this is getting outrageous

  11. It was alright, I enjoyed the analysis for both. The fight however seemed really boring to me, though I just think using the fighterz models has some weird shading and angle issues. Kill was cool, but only if you knew what actually happened. But this really shouldn't have taken a finale spot.

  12. Mfs when a dead character is rated in the same tier as their favorite (S+ isn't a real tier)

  13. Actually Braindead, A YouTube comment section isn't gonna make a facist regime that is gonna commit some weird mass murder of pokemon fans. You must be the most elaborate and run down troll out here, or someone that really needs a reality check and some time off the internet.

  14. 'SuRe, ShOwInG a PoKeMoN tRaInEr TrYiNg To CaTcH aNoThEr PeRsOn'S mOnStEr IsN't GoNnA mAkE pEoPlE bElIeVe ThAt TrAiNeRs ArE eViL.'

  15. You're attempts at mockery are a step up from the usual posts about a death battle from 2015.

  16. Gearshift and Multi Continental scaling go brrrrrr

  17. Can't believe it's been over a year, and there's people still arguing over a dead guy's place on whatever made-up tier people keep putting him in

  18. Justin and Rebecca are just regular celebrities while Red at least did something good for the world.

  19. Ah so when Death Battle makes a video about real life people fighting to the death its fine, but when two fictional characters fight then shit hits the fan?

  20. Vergil in DMC1 It was stated his soul ceased to exist and he survived that

  21. Source? Not trying to sound rude but it sounds a little bit bull to me

  22. It's hard to find the original scorce for the statement and everyone that I talked to haven't found the original scorce too but they did say it's true and even death battle acknowledged that it's true in Dante vs Kratos death battle cast so sorry I can't really find the original scorce

  23. It's cool, I just don't remember Vergil surviving soul erasure, though I might be misremembering the panels from the visions of v manga

  24. I mean, it’s like the Lego Movie. We call it stop motion, but it was actually 3D animated, just in a a stop motion style

  25. Point stands, Deadpool hasn't been animated in a genuine claymation form.

  26. Fictional character died in a fanmade internet show without any real consequences in either fictional worlds or the real world, touch grass.

  27. The conclusion back then felt wrong to be because of Bayo's heavy stat advantages at the time and how they overhyped Dante's healing. Otherwise I overall liked the episode regardless of what I feel is an incorrect outcome.

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