1. She seems so TR to me. She is so soft and rounded with a Yang under current. She also is consistent throughout her body. I don’t see the mix and match of yin/Yang you should for a gamine type. Look at her shoulders! She’s deff not an N. She is a R type.

  2. I think someone can look like another person without sharing the same ying Yang ratio

  3. LOL this shirt on an SC is tough. Your best bet IMO as another SC are the dark brown pants. The brown on brown adds balance and the cohesiveness we need.

  4. i see SC personally. i don't think she looks particularly tall or petite, and definitely no double curve. nothing looks so heinously off on her. i see some softness and curve in her hips. not really seeing width tbh either.

  5. I was thinking shld cld be SC as well. Very balanced and can seem to wear anything as long as it’s cohesive.

  6. Y’all are going to hate this but I see a SC. She is so balanced in that bathing suit pic.

  7. I’ve been in SaaS sales for a long time, and am professional friends with an attractive woman who has been in IT and SaaS for nearly as long.

  8. This is exactly what it is. Ppl are less threatened by women and find them more pleasant so you get meetings more easily. But, as a woman it’s more difficult to actually close the deals as people respect you less.

  9. TR or SC. I can’t fully tell how sloppy her shoulders are.

  10. Why do you agree to visit if you know it’s not your vibe? Just because at one time your bond made sense doesn’t mean you still click, and such a huge difference in lifestyle and temperament is enough reason to let a friendship fizzle out. Your friend will always be like this, you can’t ask her to change. All you can do is choose to adapt (which seems like it’s unpleasant and that’s fair), or you can choose other friends.

  11. We have been friends for 17 years she’s my oldest friend and I love her/ want to spend time with her. I do have more introverted friends, I’m not going to throw away the friendship Bc we have different temperaments. I just legit do not understand how ppl have this amount of sustainable energy to go out with zero recovery time night after night.

  12. I’m going a different way with this. NTA. Your son is both of your sons. Not just yours/your responsibility. If typically you split everything out of both your incomes, and still are, but YOURE the one birthing and taking care of your child. It’s not an even split. People underestimate the burden physically & emotionally of child birth. Your body probably isn’t all the way healed. Meanwhile, your husband is spending more time away from the family and not getting paid extra for it. It’s unfortunate that you’d even have to tell him something that’s obviously common sense.

  13. I either see some type of classic or SN

  14. Three weeks in a row seems like quite a bit, i’m in the USA though.

  15. NTA - I do all the housework at my house, have a job and pay rent... No offense but your sister lives in a fairy tale.

  16. I feel this way about the wife/mom in the case in Texas that shot her two teenaged daughters.

  17. When I was in HS my neighbors went through a divorce. The wife was a PHD husband A Hs teacher. He left her out of nowhere and then went on to tell everyone she was “crazy” in the neighborhood plus the kids. The kids chose to live with their father and she was forced to pay spousal support. Honestly, it was heart breaking and traumatizing to watch as a HS girl.

  18. Add “end times” to this list and repost it

  19. It really bothers me as well. Like stop rushing me bro. Also, it bothers me when ppl walk Infront of me too slowly.

  20. Here is why and only why you’re NTA. He purposefully wanted you to feel bad. He could have honestly put the stuff away. He purposefully made a bigger mess in an obvious fit of rage.

  21. NTA. It seems like your husband is going through something serious . It’s pretty rare that someone in their late twenties has a complete about face regarding something like Religion. He was a christian the entire time you dated, when you got married, when you have your child but now wants to act like YOURE the one “not agreeing” to the things you “agreed on”. You agreed to get married and have children with a man who shared your religious views. He’s being extremely unfair.

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