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  1. I’m fairly certain that rewards and gifts are not coded in manually. There is most likely a system in place that a gift can be easily added in.

  2. In my opinion, anything that has to do with currencies (in game currencies that need real life currencies to purchase) will have to be manually coded as it touches in-cart system. It has a whole other spiel of legal terms and conditions, and insurance policies. Pheons is a part of currencies.

  3. Honestly, when I know how toxic their relationship is prior to the wedding. 🤪

  4. I was visiting Y country. I went into a store looking for a luggage. And there, I ran into my “childhood best friend” who I haven’t seen for more than 25 years. I live in X country, and she live in Z country. What are the chances that we meet in a store thousands of miles away from where we both live?!! 🤯

  5. As a newlywed, you wouldn’t even want to get up in the morning to go to work. Let alone staying up all night to be outside (till 7am!) It’s def 🐟 My honest take on this is that they love each other but perhaps not in-love enough as husband and wife (read: no chemistry 😂)

  6. I did wonder this. I read a comment on Instagram yesterday saying the Love Is Blind account no longer follows Natalie. I just checked and they don't but she follows them. They still seem to follow everyone else. Wonder whats happened there 🤷🏽‍♀️

  7. Exactly! Imagine reading those texts, being in shock and thinking "well, let's take a photo of it because I'll have to prove to a bunch of people that I'm not crazy afterwards"

  8. I don’t think I’ll ever text “sweet baby” to an opposite-sex friend that I’m not close to, without a proper context needed to even send that.

  9. For me it’s Hanya Yanagihara. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve dnf-ed A Little Life.

  10. I’ve mentioned in another comment that I forgot to mentioned her on my original post. I won’t be reading anymore books by her. I feel like she’s busting out onions in front of my eyes just to make me cry. I didn’t. She just tries so hard that it lost my real sympathetic feeling towards her characters.

  11. Hanya Yanigahara. I just can’t stomach anyone who writes a traumatized character that way.

  12. I was going to add this on my list above as well. I feel like she tries so hard to make her readers cry or something. Didn’t work on me though.

  13. Ive been running my pets 24/7 using relic rapport i had saved up

  14. Wait… you use a relic rapport to feed your pets??? I think I would rather keep the relic rapport and let my pet starve (in game!)

  15. They're especially bad in the audiobook. How many times can she use the word "fuck" in 3 minutes? An infinite number of times.

  16. I hated it. Read "The Silent Patient" right afterwards and also hated it. I felt they both tried but failed at the "twist."

  17. I cannot with silent patient. It was so great up to 90% before the reveal. I should’ve just stopped at that 90% mark and be done with it.

  18. A diner is not a good equivalent example, because a diner always makes money when there are clients. You want a salad? You pay for it. Games that rely on microtransactions don't work the same way.

  19. Restaurant cant serve salad/or free water if they’re closed down for business longer than they should. In this case, LOA was down longer than they should, hence no money for the time being, and LESS trust from current or future diners.

  20. Haha it’s all for fun he posted this thread in our discord so we’re just trolling him a bit. Lmk if you’re interested in joining us for future raids! Can pm you discord link

  21. So you’re saying…. He also saw this thread 🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹 well Icarui… y u do soapbox dirty like that 😉

  22. Lol I am actually in a static with Icarui (Mari). Let me tell you about the number of times he’s trolled us by taking our x3 spots in other raids

  23. So sorry that your experiences with Icarui was a bit different than mine 🫠🫠🫠🥹🥲

  24. I’m disappointed! 2 years of hiatus for 8 songs. I was expecting minimum 10 songs since it’s their sophomore album. The “quality over quantity” is getting tiring. Why can’t YGE do both. However, I’ll look forward to the 6 new songs.

  25. I watched the video when it premiered and I was so happy and excited but at some point I just felt my smile drop and I was like… this is it? This is the new era of Blackpink they were so excited to share? It felt like this whole comeback was a joke when I heard a Pink Venom. It has some good parts but I really don’t like it. RFL was better, albeit a little disappointing after the leak I’d heard a while back, but I texted my friend the morning after PV saying I hope the rest of the album is better than this

  26. I still feel that Jennie and Lisa got more air-time in the MV. I didn’t even know Jisoo was in a pigtail because of how quick that shot was, and how she blended like a background dancer?

  27. True... Except that isn't how reliability engineers and developers are structured. Engineers are there 24/7 and the developers who write code are on call on a fixed schedule so there is always someone on hand.

  28. While we whine and dine (🥁), I know their QA/SE team is sweating bullets rn. Yikessss

  29. Really curious to know what happened that they can't go with the rollback option. Anyway best of luck to the IT folks working on this.

  30. My husband didn’t get the hype with Twice. AT ALL. He thought Twice is too “bubblegum” for a guy his size/age. Being the best husband ever, he accompanied me to Twice concerts, twice (no pun intended!). I used to ask him if he would ever become a ONCE, his answers were predictable “no, they’re just not my style”.

  31. I understand the appeal of skins but for pets…. 🤔 I don’t know about that. I toggle out other players’ pet. So even if you got the new shiba I probably couldn’t see it 🥲

  32. I think it’s in the setting somewhere. You can toggle off other players’ pet. It helps during chaos gate when everything becomes so laggy.

  33. No book has ever made me laugh as hard as Me Talk Pretty One Day, by David Sedaris. Although Naked, also by David Sedaris came close.

  34. Everything by Sedaris makes me laugh, and then cry. His work truly is wonderful.

  35. If I am being honest, waiting for 2years for this type of song was really disappointing. The pre-chorus and rap were good, but the chorus was so lame plus the ending rattaatata? Seriously. Considering this was after 2years of wait. 4/10

  36. I didn’t think of it this way, but that’s a great point to bring up. After 2 years, is this the gold we’ve been waiting for? Or are we supposed to be just “thankful” that we got something. I’m with you.

  37. 1/10: The RATATATATA part. That kind of crap is getting so old. It’s not catchy, it’s annoying. I can’t stand BP songs with type of repetition nonsense. Just like in Kill This Love, RUMPUMPUMPUM. I’d take silence or just BGM instead of that. Seriously stop that shit. I’m sure it’s annoying for the singers as well. I cant imagine BP loving that part without feeling silly about it.

  38. Man, I wish there was a TP variety pack I could pick up so I could try different brands without needing to suffer through a whole package if I don't like it.

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