1. So it’s not a big big deal but it can be, you can use any rust remover or penetrating fluid, use a brass or scrub pad, remove the rust then make sure to immediately seal it with oil, there isn’t a coating, it’s just steel, leaving it unsealed will make it rust again

  2. Loosen your pinch bolts, bounce the front down and up a bit, also did this have a odometer or a spacer, if you took off the odometer you need a spacer, the axle bolt also should be flush on the bolt side, but yes the tire should be in the middle not offset

  3. Yes there’s a count of chain links between the two top marks, once you put your cam tensioner on and roll it through a couple times and back to tdc then it’ll probably look a lot closer, and yes buy a new valve cover gasket and clean that orange silicone off, that gets into the engine, you’ll get to do a bottom end next

  4. Yeah kickstands are problematic if your riding hard or jumping, although they’re certainly way way better now than they used to be, I even put a aftermarket one on my yz for when I’m trail riding, but take it off on tracks

  5. It’s not stolen lol. These old bikes never have titles or papers. I’ve had a xr100, 2 pw80’s, pw50, none of them have papers. They’re all older than 05. It isn’t stolen thought, I didn’t buy it from a stranger and the person I got it from has not only had it for years, but he also got his permit this year. I know for a fact he isn’t going around stealing dirtbikes. He doesn’t know anything about them, that’s why the bike is broke, and spray painted, and $50. It’s been outside for a long ass time , the throttle doesn’t return at all and the clutch is pretty hard to pull. But it cycles through gears, and when you kick it, it doesn’t grind or sound bad, the exhuast sounds throaty and it sounds like it wants to run.

  6. Yeah that’s not true, I have a title for a 1986 xr80 my 1997 rm250 all of my early wr250f I own and my 2005 yz450f although people don’t transfer titles or certificate of origin, also depending on what state you live in sometimes it’s a bill of sale being transferred, but yes they do have titles or certificate of origin that should stay with the frame,

  7. I’m not saying they don’t have a title at all, but no one cares about it. Maybe the laws are different where you are, I’ve sold my xr 100 and a yz125 and no one asked about any paperwork, and I didn’t have any. They had the vin number and didn’t look it up. No one really cares here. They were planning to restore the bikes too. The bikes I’ve had also aren’t vintage restored bikes. They’re regular ass dirtbikes. Been woods rode and not taken care of well. I have never even heard of dirtbike titles but I assume when you buy one from the factory you get one.

  8. it depends on where you live, private property no one will bother you, public lands very rarely will a older bike get checked, especially low cc’s, you can easily check by just checking your state laws, some states don’t care especially if it’s strictly dirt, the only time they would is if someone claimed it was stolen but then it’s still yours unless they actually have a title or notarized bill of sale, up until recently did it become pretty standard to verify if it’s stolen or has a title, and mostly that’s because all states are becoming linked for vehicles to be able to check and verify ownership, mostly my guess is so they can charge even more to anyone that has a motorcycle or toys, dollars are the driving force,

  9. I’m going to guess you got some faulty points, looks like the glide got hot from friction or engine heat and melted, some of these manufacturers use substandard materials, possibly even missing its glide,

  10. Check to make sure the rotor isn’t warped or wobbly (if it pushes the calipers back in) no bueno, after that good time to flush the whole system, may end up needing to rebuild the master cylinder, you may have worn plungers allowing the fluid to bypass when hot,

  11. Lol thankfully this isn’t my daily but a project car I picked up

  12. Yeah not sure what it’s off of but super rich, or blow by, crappy old gas can cause it too, it doesn’t burn hot and leaves tons of residue

  13. Start simple, the clutches may be simply stuck together, if you already changed the oil, just start it in neutral, let it warm up, shut it off put it in 3rd gear, pull clutch in and rock it back and forth till you feel the clutch plates break free, if after that you start it up and the clutch is properly adjusted, if you then feel too much drag or the bike still stalls when pulling the clutch in and putting it into gear, it’s now time to look at your clutch basket for wear notches, if it’s got notches worn in, time to change the basket, you can file the notches and possibly get a little more time out of it. But the reality is change it out

  14. Look for motorcycle tie down straps, there’s all different types but they’ve been around forever, it’s a slip strap that uses a friction bind, easy to use and no ratcheting

  15. She’s awesome, we use a snug shirt, and leave the tv on a soothing YouTube pet station, after a few weeks they adapt to your schedule,

  16. My daughter rode a xr80 my daughter in law rode a crf150f for many years, they now both ride wr250f’s, it’s more of a getting comfortable with controlling the extra height and weight, but again it’s because they choose to change not someone telling them to change

  17. Big hole in your heart today, so sorry for your loss, they’re the best buds ever, I lost My jeter 10 days ago, may they meet on the other side of the rainbow bridge

  18. why didn't I think of that. On second thought ordering ones straight from them might get a bit too expensive for me.

  19. Hard to say, I’ve ordered directly from them before and was about the same as retail in a store, but if your searching for cheap I’d suggest eBay that old a model you may need to get with older kx groups, the only reason I’d suggest boyesen directly is to see if they had any for that age or if they now a source

  20. All normal, the water temperatures are hot and you will especially notice the fog effect in colder temperatures or humid areas, also if you start it and shut it off without riding it the moisture in the crank case doesn’t get hot enough to evaporate and vent out,

  21. I will say too that the engine only runs for about a minute or so the engine and clutch cover aren’t even warm but the water impeller cover is hot. Could be low on coolant

  22. Check your coolant but also if this is your first high performance 4 stroke, they run stupid hot, it’s suggested to start it for a short warm up and not to idle too long without air moving across the radiator, if you start it in the dark and let it idle a few minutes you’ll see the header pipe glow, have fun, they’re a blast

  23. There’s certainly technique work you can do, others said it, move up on the bike so you’re more in the center not with your butt hanging so far back, use your legs to absorb the jump face allowing the bike to float under you, also did you set sag yet, I’d certainly start with technique but decreasing the rebound dampening a bit and increasing the compression a few clicks on the rear will help kick the rear up, I actually like to attack a jump, to work and load my suspension, currently you’re just riding out the landing, basically like a ski jump, you should be trying to get the nose down, you can certainly learn a rear wheel tap to drop the nose or hit the gas(panic rev) to drop the rear but first get yourself set up to “fly” correctly you’re currently flying nose high, so body position and suspension set up can easily get you way more comfortable, you can even add a few clicks dampening on front to slow down the spring back effect, but again start with body position and small adjustments to suspension, and if you haven’t done it, set your sag to start with, good luck have fun,

  24. "I wear short-sleeve shirts over long-sleeve shirts over short-sleeve shirts"

  25. Upvote for you, first tee is the sweat tee, second is the keep me warm so the first shirt has something to do, third is for flair and to feel cozy

  26. Ok let’s first get clarification, does it stay running if you hold the throttle slightly open, if this is the case, replace your low idle jet, clean the passageway that it runs thru, if you tried cleaning the jet, on that carb it’s a very small jet very tough to clean unless you have proper cleaning equipment, you can sometimes use a welding torch tip cleaner to run thru them if you have no other options, 0-1/4 throttle is low idle jet and air screw adjustment, 1/4-3/4 is main jet and needle height and taper, 3/4 to full main jet, I hope that helps but also do a compression test if tuning the carb don’t help, low compression can cause bad performance and is especially noticeable at low rpm’s

  27. This is way way interesting to read as a person that race two strokes in the late 90s till mid 2000’s I compete on a rm250 and was a front runner, my son was on a yz85 and went to yz250f when he changed classes, when I rode his yz250f I was astonished at the usable roll on power it produced, my son also rode a kx125 and a yz125 and he definitely said they were a blast but on tracks back east like broome tioga the four stroke was definitely the up hill beast, I still love the feel of the two strokes and its nice to see so much new development on them, I agree they never went away they just weren’t front and center in the AMA sx/mx series

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  30. Take the upvote, I so badly was hoping someone said this, I didn’t want to be the jerk:)

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